How to Buy Leggings If You Have a Big Butt

Ah, leggings! Aren’t they the greatest thing ever? It’s a no-brainer that lounging around the house and binging on Netflix requires a cozy pair of stretchy pants. There’s just nothing more comfortable.

If you’re a curvy lady, you know the struggle of buying leggings. For ladies with a (ahem) larger derrière, it can be tough finding the right fit.

Big butts are in, so if you got it, flaunt it! Just make sure you do it the right way. The most in-the-know fashionistas are aware that the right fit is everything.

Leggings should be accessible for everyone, no matter the size. And they can be- you just have to know how to shop for them. Let us tell you how to buy leggings if you have a big butt.

Buy high-quality fabrics

Cheap fabrics that don’t fit properly make uncomfortable clothing items. This couldn’t be more true than for leggings. Poorly made leggings that use cheap fabrics will stretch in less than ideal places. You’ll also have to worry about seams ripping and tearing. This could mean a major emergency if it happens at work or school!

Nordstrom (promo codes here and here) is a good place to start when looking for solid brands. Nordstrom sells all kinds of active wear and offers high-quality brands like Athleta that won’t let you down (coupons here and here).


Make sure they’re your size

We all like buying the size we wish we were, but buying a size smaller size than you should will only add to feeling uncomfortable and not looking your best. Not only this, but you run the risk of a potentially disastrous wardrobe malfunction.

Leggings that are too small may stretch too much when they’re put on, resulting in leggings that appear transparent. You don’t want your underwear to show through in your leggings.

Try checking out websites specifically made for women with a small waist and big butt

Clothing made specially for a certain body type are ideal because the company respects how items should be worn depending on the person’s shape. Leggings made specifically for women with a small waist and a big butt can feel better in leggings that fit right.

For example, Fashion Nova (promo codes here and here) knows all about clothes that fit right. They sell clothes that are inexpensive, yet adorably in style, and they know how to fit this body type. This shop is a wonderful place that’ll show you the way.

Always try them on

It’s arguably easier for a woman who’s a size 0 to buy straight off the rack. It’s much different for a lady working with a little more! There’s additional “making sure” time that goes into buying leggings with a big butt.

It’s a good rule of thumb to always try on the leggings before you buy. This way, you won’t have to go all the way back home to try them on, and then have to return to the store to swap out sizes.

This is also true if you’re buying online! However, if you’re buying leggings online, make sure you’re purchasing a pair from stores that have a friendly return policy. You don’t want to get stuck paying shipping costs if your leggings don’t fit well. Always keep in mind that you may need to return your new pair of leggings if you purchase them online.

Take your time feeling them out

In order to know how to buy leggings if you have a big butt, you need a keen sense of how they make you feel. Are you feeling constricted? Are they easy to put on?

Make sure you’re not struggling to pull the leggings up. This probably means they’re a size or two too small. If you’re worried about indigestion from the band being too tight, you might need to consider a different size or another brand.

Spend the extra time in the dressing room or at home really making sure these are the pair you see yourself in often.

Consider high-waisted

High-waisted leggings provide more comfort over all. You don’t have to worry about “muffin top” or “butt crack.” With high-waisted leggings, you can move and stretch freely without the worry.

Besides, high-waisted is in style. Check out this pair from Forever 21 (codes here, here). These leggings have “ribbed” accents” on the side, which means a little more wiggle room if it’s needed.

Do a “bend over” check in front of the mirror

It’s crucial that you make sure your leggings aren’t see-through. As we mentioned earlier, you want to make sure you choose the right size so that your leggings are not transparent.

You also need to bend over and make sure they aren’t see-through while you stretch the material out. Sometimes leggings can appear alright, only to become completely translucent when you’re bending over during your gym squats. You need leggings that will be able to support that ample tush!

Don’t get caught in a bad position. Be extra sure before you buy.

Never buy thin leggings

This brings us to our next point: never buy thin leggings. A woman with a more slender shape doesn’t have to worry as much about this, although we recommend everyone be weary of thin leggings.

When you’re on the thicker side, you need thick leggings to match. Thin leggings might seem more comfortable and less restricting, but in actuality, they aren’t firming enough and will leave you hanging.

If you have a bigger behind, you want leggings that keep you secure without becoming see-through in certain parts because there isn’t enough fabric to withstand some stretching.


Knowing how to buy leggings if you have a big butt is easy, it just requires a bit of know-how. You’re about to buy your next favorite go-to pair of leggings, so it’s worth a little extra preparation to make sure you get it right.

Remember these easy steps and you’ll be set. After all, why should you have to miss out on the most comfortable invention of all time?

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