How I Met My True Love and How Relationship Readings Can Help You Too

Finding true love isn’t always easy….

Getting into a relationship is a long-term, major commitment. Finding the right person for you is arguably the most important thing you’ll do in your life. I know this first hand; I’ve struggled for years to find someone to be with. The most common and damaging thing to do is date just anyone and lower your standards. Desperate people aren’t happy people, but believe me when I say it is easy to fall into that trap. You should only really commit to someone in a major sense, with a proposal or a big gesture like moving in together when you are absolutely certain. I played the field a lot when I was younger and had a lot of fun, but found it really hard to make that big step with anyone. I just wasn’t feeling it with anyone and needed help.

My best friend is a real believer in psychics and told me to go and see one to help with my relationship struggles. Like almost everyone else I know, I thought it was complete rubbish when I first heard but figured I had nothing to lose. Let me tell you, though, it has changed my life. Psychics are real and can really help with every aspect of life, including but not restricted to relationships. My friend was really helpful because there is a lot to understand and it is pretty complicated, but because there was such a wide array of options, that meant there was more help out there.

Relationship Readings

Relationship readings come in many different ways and like I said before, I was incredibly sceptical before I tried any of them. First of all, we looked at tarot cards, which help tell your further with the images and patterns on them. Astrology is also another option, because it uses the position of the stars and suns to dictate how they understand the future and people’s personalities. These are crucial factors in making relationships work; people need to be on the sand paths and astrology can help people understand whether they are. Being nice to one another and attractive only takes you so far, believe me, you need that little bit extra. Relationships are full of risk, when you enter them you do so in good faith, hoping they work out. That means putting yourself out and making it vulnerable. Physics can reduce your vulnerability because they can help give you clarity on a current or future relationship as they did for me. Even if they are not giving you predictions, they can use their expertise to give you advice. It really works.


Psychics from Bitwine helped me understand myself and what I was looking for in a relationship. That was my biggest misconception when it came to understanding what they were offering. They don’t lay your future out on a plate for you and don’t profess you, but they help you understand yourself and instantly show that you do too. As a result of that, I’m now married and expecting a child with my partner who I am absolutely certain is right for me. We are going to be forever and I couldn’t be happier. That is all down to psychics and relationship readings. I think they are absolutely brilliant, and that is coming from someone who thought the whole thing was fantasy before I really got to know it.

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