Hints to Get Amazon AWS Certification: Top Resources, Best Websites and Dumps

Nowadays, Amazon is considered a jack-of-all-trades. Why is this so? Well, you can contact it for just almost everything you need. To top it off, in 2006, the company made its debut in the web hosting service, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Even so, web hosting has been a part of the Internet for a long time before AWS enters the market. What’s more, Amazon was among the first companies to venture into cloud hosting. As a result, AWS has become a leading provider in competition with such corporations as Slack, The Motley Tools, Netflix, and AirBnB.

Several different cloud-computing solutions comprise AWS. The services found on AWS include email, cloud networking, storage, networking, servers, security, and mobile development resources. The Amazon Web Services infrastructure has two major categories: EC2, Amazon’s virtual server platform, and S3, Amazon’s storage architecture. Since 2006, the platform has grown exponentially eclipsing its nearest competitor by a magnitude of 10. Popular websites like Instagram and Netflix are hosted on AWS.

Why is Amazon Web Services so popular?


According to the Amazon’s 2017 Q4 financial reports, AWS earned approximately $15.7 billion in revenue beating major players like Google and Microsoft. But what makes AWS a popular choice for enterprises, individuals, and others looking for a cloud hosting solution?


Reason # 1: Innovation and Functionality

Recently, AWS introduced a new line of services like Elemental MediaLive based on the Real-time Messaging Protocol and RTMPS, its encrypted version. With this service, users can stream live content to popular social media platforms in a secure and reliable manner.


Reason # 2: Partners and Ecosystem

In 2016, Amazon collaborated with Salesforce and other clients. Most of these customers run SAP on its AWS infrastructure and include companies like Brooks Brothers, Kellog’s, and GE Oil & Gas. As a result, AWS is now available in 13 infrastructure locations.


Reason # 3: Innovative Business Model

It was the first cloud hosting company to introduce a complete utility computing solution. In contrast to its competitors, Amazon adopted a bare-bones approach essentially open sourcing its platform to developers. This led to an explosion of innovative cloud-based solutions.


Reason # 4: Data Center Automation

Amazon continually evolves its data automation technology by adding innovative and highly evolved features. Its S3 storage system can store over 2 trillion data objects with traffic estimated at over 1.5 million hits per second. The 2016 report estimates the AWS servers at 1.3 million that are faster than enterprise-grade data centers.


Reason # 5: Excellent User Support

AWS relies on a two-pronged approach to provide support to its customers. It has an experienced talent pool owing to its early lead in cloud computing. Finding an AWS competent workforce is easy for most companies as it has a large and well-developed talent base.


Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification


With the AWS continued dominance of cloud computing, there is an increase in the demand for its certification courses and skilled professionals. Having the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certificate in your resume will certainly attract the employers looking your way. This credential will help you learn all core components of Amazon Web Services.


To get the https://www.examsnap.com/amazon-certification-training.html and passing the exam use the following tips:

  • Sit for the exam during your peak times. Try scheduling the examination for a time of day when you are most alert.
  • Mark and skip confusing questions for later review. Initially, you should address questions that you feel confident in. At the end of the exam, go through your skipped questions eliminating possible answers and provide the best one you got.
  • Often, your first guess to a reviewed question is typically the correct one (no evidence to support this), but wasting time on a question you aren’t sure of is a losing strategy. By answering questions you are sure of you will save sufficient time for reviewing ones that you skipped.
  • Finally, remember that you are sitting for the AWS exam, so disregard any suggestions that you should use non-AWS solutions.


Top 3 resources for Amazon AWS certification


Resource # 1: Amazon AWS Certification Guide

The Amazon AWS website is an excellent place to begin preparing for your certification exam and coursework. You will find five certification courses on this portal: Solutions Architect – Associate, Developer Associate, SysOps Administrator, Solutions Architect Professional, DevOps Engineer Professional. Clicking on a certificate link takes you to its exam guide for use in preparation for the credential you are sitting for.


Resource # 2: SDKs and APIs

Amazon offers different AWS resources for use by AWS certified professionals and students. Its APIs and SDKs include toolkits for most popular programming languages, self-paced lab sessions, documentation, 10-minute tutorials, and sample projects.


Resource # 3: From Developer to AWS Cloud Specialist – The AWS Certification Learning Paths Explained

This resource is a highly useful guide for the AWS exam preparation. It has a systematic summary of why you need this certification, its benefits, exam tips, getting started help, a learning path, and where you are going to end up. Use this resource to clear any doubts you might have about the Amazon AWS credential.


3 Best websites for Amazon AWS certification


Website # 1: ExamSnap

ExamSnap handles over 30% of all certification streaming traffic in the United States. It runs its video streaming service directly from the AWS servers. However, Netflix is reportedly warming up to Google Cloud.


Website #2: Expedia

Today, Expedia runs on the AWS cloud hosting platform. Although it began as a Microsoft solution, Expedia was later sold to InterActiveCorp (IAC). After IAC acquired it from Microsoft, Expedia changed to using Amazon’s AWS hosting.


Website # 3: AirBnB

The community marketplace Airbnb connects property owners and travelers looking for unique accommodation spaces across the globe. The AirBnB users perform all their activities on its website or with its companion mobile application. In 2009, AirBnB moved its cloud computing functions to AWS after experiencing administration challenges with its previous provider.


3 Books for Amazon AWS certification


Book # 1: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide

It is an authoritative book with all you need to know to ace the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification test. Plus, you get access to Sybex’s online learning environment and other benefits. This comprehensive volume covers key exam concepts and sample questions about every AWS exam topics.


Book # 2: AWS Development Essentials

It is a good book for an introduction to the AWS covering topics like identifying AWS storage alternatives, Amazon S3 bucket development, Amazon EBS, and sample code libraries. With it, you will learn more about media services that utilize EC2 and EBS technologies. By the end of the book, you will be able to develop applications on AWS using its SDKs and APIs.


Book # 3: Amazon Web Services in Action

It is a book that integrates all services offered by AWS cloud. In it, there are sections that address AWS cloud computing, networking, and security. Besides, the book covers advanced topics like AWS high availability, automation, security, and scalability. Amazon Web Services in Action is the ideal resource for DevOps engineers and developers looking to host applications on AWS.

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