101 Awesome Hand Tattoos That Will Inspire you to Get Inked

A hand tattoo is one of the most eye catching and bold type of tattoo one can invest in.  They make a statement and fully represent personal style.  When deciding on a hand tattoo its best to go in 100% sure of what you are getting and know you will love it for years to come.  Styles can come in everything from gothic, to a subtle minimalist design.  Common placements include along the line of a finger, or a full hand.  For inspiration on how to ink your hand check out these images below.

hand tattoo ideas (1)

Unique little designs on each finger.

hand tattoo ideas (2)

A full hand tattoo including words and pictures, this piece is symbolic of a cartoon theme.

hand tattoo ideas (3)

Simple yet intricate lines covering the forearm and hand.

hand tattoo ideas (5)

A full arm a tattoo with one common theme, in a serious black and white.

hand tattoo ideas (6)

“Time and Tide wait for no Man” – Chaucer.  The clock is a reminder to take advantage of the time you have.

hand tattoo ideas (7)

The words “pride” are symbolic of strength.

hand tattoo ideas (8)

Nautical themes have many meanings, an anchor is stability for all those who wear it.

hand tattoo ideas (9)

The creative alternative to the classic human skull.

hand tattoo ideas (10)

The sword can mean purification and cleansing of ones soul.

hand tattoo ideas (11)

Consecutive lines breathe the feeling of being content.

hand tattoo ideas (12)

For extremist, go for all black filler and fully covered hands and arms.

hand tattoo ideas (13)

Trees can be reminiscent of strength and patience.

hand tattoo ideas (14)

Be creative with your flower, mix vibrant hues that are offset by a dark background.

hand tattoo ideas (15)

In ancient societies skull tattoos we’re a celebration of life. Nowadays, everyone has their own meaning behind the tattoo they choose, but it has been said that skulls are representative of death. If you are not ready for a permanent tattoo but you really want to adorn yourself with a skull, you can just try to pick up some jewelry, for example a skeleton hand ring.

hand tattoo ideas (18)

These barber shop themed images are great for those who cut hair, it shows the passion behind loving what you do.

hand tattoo ideas (19)

Simple little lines can represent anything from the number of kids you have to a memorable date.

hand tattoo ideas (20)

Elephants are large and strong and loyal to their heard.  An elephant tattoo is the perfect way to radiate strength and nobility.

hand tattoo ideas (21)

The all seeing eye is a symbol of divine omniscience, it can also have a religious meaning, representing the father son and the holy spirit.

hand tattoo ideas (22)

Growing flowers to represent life and rebirth.

hand tattoo ideas (23)

Eye tattoos hold powerful meanings, it is the truth behind vision, life and intuition.

hand tattoo ideas (24)

This reminds us of the lotus flower, who in theoretical stories grew from the mucky grounds of mud to rise beautifully above the surface.

hand tattoo ideas (25)

Words hold special meanings and are reminder of an everyday mantra.

hand tattoo ideas (26)

A crying heart is a sad symbolic gesture of losing hope on a broken relationship.

hand tattoo ideas (27)

Ship tattoos are most often the choice of those who have a connection with the ocean.

hand tattoo ideas (29)

The words “hard work” accompanied by a skull symbolizes the ability to work through anything.

hand tattoo ideas (30)

Cute little blue swallow to represent happiness and peace.

hand tattoo ideas (31)

The anatomy of the hand can show inner strength.

hand tattoo ideas (32)

The lotus flower is symbolically known for its growth through the murky waters into a beautiful growing life.

hand tattoo ideas (33)

These intricate shapes and patterns are a personalized design that emphasize the creativity of the person who is portraying them.

hand tattoo ideas (34)

Just as the diamond worn on a ring is a symbol of wealth and power, a sketch of one on your finger can mean the same.

hand tattoo ideas (35)

Represent of the traditional Indian inspired henna tattoo, this drawing takes a modern and more permanent approach.

hand tattoo ideas (36)

Wave tattoos hold many meanings because a wave is the form the water sign takes.  It can be a memorial, or symbolic for someone who works or spends time by the water.

hand tattoo ideas (37)

The sun and moon are a vision of two opposing forces joining together.

hand tattoo ideas (38)

A rose tattoo is reminiscent of unadulterated love, where as a black rose can mean death and sorrow, devotion, rebellion, or the completion of a journey.

hand tattoo ideas (39)

The Panther is associated with the sun, they hold symbols of power and guardianship.

hand tattoo ideas (41)

The red rose of love complimented by the purple flower, represents a loyal relationship.

hand tattoo ideas (42)

Inner palm tattoos are daring and bold, they make a statement that your body is your canvas.

hand tattoo ideas (43)

This adorable kitten tattoo can be done for the one you love.

hand tattoo ideas (44)

The peace sign has been a popular tattoo throughout the world, it is possibly the most obvious in meaning but also the strongest, representing peace and tranquility.

hand tattoo ideas (45)

Cross tattoo’s can be representative of religious expression but can also have a darker meaning, of pain and anger in a gothic culture.

hand tattoo ideas (46)

Three dots can be translated to “mi vida loca” or “my crazy life”.  Accompanied by other symbols can further emphasize the craziness of ones life.

hand tattoo ideas

This fine line floral tattoo is impeccably designed to be simple yet intricate in its own way.

hand tattoo ideas (48)

Butterflies are the truest form of nature, a black butterfly is a representation of someone who has been lost, it can be considered a tribute to a loved one, or lost soul.

hand tattoo ideas (49)

This full hand skull tattoo acts as a mask for the face the hands belongs to.

hand tattoo ideas (50)

“Pray” will keep your mind strong and your values known.

hand tattoo ideas (51)

Geometric forms are the guiding force of simplicity.

hand tattoo ideas (52)

The rosary is a basic system used to count prayer, each bead represents one prayer and a tattoo of one can signify what a person is praying for.

hand tattoo ideas (54)

These finger encompass a plethora of meaning, from the prayers behind the rosary to the heart of love.  Designs such as this encompass all of a persons feelings in one place.

hand tattoo ideas (55)

Knuckle tattoos are popular among many types of people and anything can be written to express true emotions.

hand tattoo ideas (56)

Adding color to your black ink henna is a beautiful alternative.

hand tattoo ideas (57)

Full colored arms are an imagination into the mind.

hand tattoo ideas (58)

The whole world on your hand is an expression of a love for travel.

hand tattoo ideas (59)

Use both hands to complete an intricate design.

hand tattoo ideas (62)

Having a different design on each finger can display everything a person desires.

hand tattoo ideas (63)

Unicorns are representative of creativity and a mythological being.

hand tattoo ideas (64)

Similar designs with friends are an expression of the love you have for one another.

hand tattoo ideas (67)

Dainty designs are perfect for any indie inked girl.

hand tattoo ideas (69)

Couple tattoos are a beautiful and permanent way to represent the love you have for a significant other.

hand tattoo ideas (70)

The realistic look of this image is the truest form of the human skull.

hand tattoo ideas (71)

This hand has a gothic feel, that we love, whether its each singular piece or all of them combined.
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hand tattoo ideas (72)

Reminiscent of beauty and the beast this is a modern take on princess hands.

hand tattoo ideas (73)

To add a little something extra to black outlines add shadings in a dark gray.

hand tattoo ideas (75)

The natural form of the heart and the words home are significant in the portrayal of the love of ones roots.

hand tattoo ideas (76)

These black tulips are signs of growth, love and beauty.

hand tattoo ideas (77)

The beauty behind a hand is the shapes that can be formed around its intricacy.

hand tattoo ideas (78)

Reminiscent of the walls of ancient Egypt, we love these symbols of curved and straight lines.

hand tattoo ideas (79)

Money, coffee, love.

hand tattoo ideas (80)

Cartoon style tattoos are the original graffiti of the body.

hand tattoo ideas (81)Black sparrow tattoos send a message of secrets and and mystery.

hand tattoo ideas (82)

An old wives tail describes the compass as a form of protection that sailors of the past would get before long journeys.

hand tattoo ideas (83)

Henna inspiration is growingly popular and don’t in clear black ink.

hand tattoo ideas (84)

A story continued from one hand to the next binds two people forever.

hand tattoo ideas (85)

The skull accompanied by the rose depicts love and loss in one combined design.

hand tattoo ideas (86)

This simple triangular shape is reminiscent of a permanent ring.

hand tattoo ideas (87)

The eye on the inner palm has the all seeing power, accompanied by a quote it holds true meaning.

hand tattoo ideas (89)

Butterfly tattoos are reminiscent or nature and wonder.

hand tattoo ideas (90)

The deer is a symbol of grace and peace.

hand tattoo ideas (92)

Solid black arm band tattoos tend to be used as a memorial, for loss in a persons life.

hand tattoo ideas (93)

King and Queen, the bond between lovers.

hand tattoo ideas (94)

The expression behind this tattoo can signify hurt in ones life, it is something they want to remember and hold onto.

hand tattoo ideas (95)

The heart locket, is a great counter part to the key, in a couples tattoo.

hand tattoo ideas (96)

Cool girl tattoos such as these are inspired by the creativity within.

hand tattoo ideas (97)

This tattoo reminds us of greek mythology and the growth of life.

hand tattoo ideas (98)

This intricate black rose is perfectly placed in order to encompass the entire hand.

hand tattoo ideas (99)

This fiery devil tattoo is fierce and exotic, it can be a sign of rebellion.

hand tattoo ideas (100)

Couples who ink together stay together.

hand tattoo ideas (101)

Flowers are a girls best friend, the black and white adds an artistic nature.

hand tattoo ideas (102)

Circles are never ending, and each of these circles can be a reminder of the continuum of life.

hand tattoo ideas (103)

With a mixture of skulls, this hand is a representation of the forms of life and death and unity of animal and human.

hand tattoo ideas (104)

Everyone has their own meaning behind their ink, but we hoped this little guide to hand tattoos and their symbolic meanings will help you pick something you’ll never regret.

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