Guide To Choosing The Right Cat Breeds For Your Family

When you think of cats, one of the first things that come to mind is their wide eyes and snuggly nature. Much more than this, they are very intelligent animals. Although they are petite, they are strong, sensitive, sociable and friendly.

They are the second most domesticated animals after dogs and have made their home with humans over the years. Physically, felines as they may be referred to have long, flexible bodies enabling them to enter small openings. Their eyes are optimized to see clearly at night and additionally they are blessed with highly sensitive ears and noses. You can read more about their physical attributes here.

Their sharp claws are retractable and together with their sharp teeth, they stalk and go after their prey especially at night. They are suited for killing rodents and small animals so when you have them, your home is basically free of those.

Felines can climb to very high heights and even drop down from these heights without getting hurt. Their backs literally do not touch the ground and they have the ability to turn or twist mid-air. This is why they are often said to have nine lives.

Part of their physical attributes are their quick reflexes and speed. These make them quite nimble and agile and their tails help to give them great balance.

Much like dogs, cats are valued by humans and this is evident in the sheer number of cat owners available worldwide. They are loving, adorable, caring and they provide companionship and friendship to humans.

There are between 40 and 70 breeds of cats. What distinguishes them most times is the way they are bred. Some breeds are natural, some are cross-bred while others are mutated. These breeds are registered when bred and may be exhibited at shows and events. Regardless of the breed, felines are sure to delight you.

Which Cat Breed is Best For You?

All cats are the same when it comes to the predominant behavior that makes them cats. It is in their nature to be weird but at the same time funny, amazing and loving. Different breeds differ slightly though in their physical appearance as well as behavior.

Deciding on the right cat breed can be difficult but there is always that perfect breed for you and your family. You can start by considering factors such as your lifestyle and the feline breed that will fit into that. That is, the care and social needs of the feline vis a vis your work, life and family. You can find some guides on how to go about this below.

How Busy Are You?

If you are a busy individual or family and are not often at home, you should go for a breed that is comfortable being alone. You may also get two or more cats. This will help them to mingle when you are not around. Having only one in this situation can be quite lonely for the cat.

This may lead to depression or anxiety for your pet. You should endeavor to spend time with your pet when you are back home. Some breeds to consider as a busy person are British Shorthair, Persian, Chartreux, etc.

On the other hand, if you are mostly at home, you can get felines that like to be around people often. These include Ocicat, Japanese Bobtail, Siamese and Somali.

Do You Have Experience Dealing With Cats?

If you have had cats before now, you will know that they are low maintenance. Granted, some need more grooming and attention than others as different breeds require different levels of care.

If you do not mind a breed that requires a lot of attention and care there are such available. You can acquire a Peterbald, Persian, or Sphynx. If you are new to cats, it might be better to go for breeds that do not require much attention. These are Maine Coon, Ragdoll, American Shorthair and Exotic Shorthair.

Are You The Active Type?

If you have a fun-loving, active family and like to play around for hours, then an energetic breed would be wonderful. You can consider felines such as Siamese, Manx, Toyger and Bengal. These cats love playing as well as attention. They require exercises and running around will do both you and them a lot of good.

If you are a quiet family that prefers to stay indoors and watch TV, then you should go for a quiet breed. You can have your feline beside you or on your lap while you watch your favorite shows. These types of felines are not destructive or mischievous even when they do not have enough time to play. Those that fall into this category are Ragdoll, British Shorthair and Exotic Shorthair.

You will find more tips on how to choose the best cat breeds for your family here


Picking the right breed of cat can be very hard and this is understandable as they all look cute and amazing. To ensure that you are not overwhelmed and that they receive the best care, you should choose based on your personal situation.

Choose a feline that reflects your lifestyle. If you are busy, choose one that does not require much attention. If you and your family like to play then, you will do well to go for a breed that enjoys the outdoors. Do not think about yourself alone. You should also consider how this will affect the cat.

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