A Guide for Starting a Business as a Teen

You’re sick of it, and it’s understandable. The constant babying, the repetitive nature of school, adults not taking you seriously in your aspirations and endeavours. You’re growing up fast, and it’s never too soon to grasp your future with your own two hands and fire it up with a bang. What better way to do this than launching your very own business?

Don’t doubt yourself, teen entrepreneurs are not uncommon at all, and as bizarre as it may sound you have plenty of free time to really create a strong venture. Whether it’s exam season or no, the time taken to study and sit papers is nothing compared to working full time year-round. Use that free time wisely, and start a business!

Size Doesn’t Matter

Okay, so maybe you are slightly busy with school, home studying and extra curriculars. You’re probably not going to become the next Alan Sugar in this period, but still, that doesn’t mean anything below that bar is a waste of time.

The first and most important piece of advice is to realise and acknowledge your own potential. After all, teen self-esteem can plummet to some serious lows, so find yourself the confidence to put your best foot forward and give this your all. You’ll reap the rewards immediately; pay, independence, and control over something other than your grades. Recognise you can do it, and hold onto that dream as you give it your best!

Failure is Guaranteed

Teens can be beset on all sides by the fear of failing. Whether it’s business or school work, the thought of flopping despite your best effort can inspire a stagnant state of being. Perhaps it is easier to sit in your room and watch Netflix…

However, failure is something everyone experiences, and it’s normal. At such a young age, losing is almost a gift! You have the chance to try again and again in any endeavour, and in business you will garner experience and learning curves that adult entrepreneurs are still picking up. See it as getting a head start and flushing out all your possible mistakes early, priming you for good business later in life while your competitors are still finding their way.

It’s Okay to ask for Help!

Young people can also be stubborn, and that’s okay to a point. It can be a good sign to want to do everything yourself, but of course, this isn’t necessary, or always entirely practical. Sometimes, a helping hand is needed no matter who you are.

Part of being a mature grown up is knowing your limits and being aware of when to ask for help. If you’re stuck securing funding, sites such as Smart Pig offer student loans that can really jettison student business ideas a long way. Ultimately, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Good luck!

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