Guide On Beautiful Hair [by Hair Expert]

Moving to college is always stressful because the person has to leave home, live with strangers in the dorm, communicate with lots of new people, manage their own finance and schedule, plus actually study. Many students find the first year especially challenging in terms of getting used to the new place and all the new activities.

Unfortunately, all this stress has an immediate impact on the health and beauty of hair, and the longer the hair, the more problems the girl is likely to get. Short hair is easier to take care of, easier to manage and trim the tips if problems occur, etc. Long hair needs more attention, time, measures, and money. So, if you started noticing the negative effect of stress on your hair, stop scrolling down your social media feed, watch sex cams websites or chat in dating apps, and take effort to save your chevelure now.

Sleep And Diet

The first two aspects to address for beautiful hair is sound night sleep and a proper diet. While it may be challenging to get enough sleep living with one or two neighbors in the same room, studying, and attending parties, you have to make sure you sleep 7-8 hours at night at least several nights a week. This is especially important by the end of the week when you are tired and have to rest before next Monday. Buy yourself a sleeping mask and earplugs, visit a doctor and ask for natural remedies to enhance the quality of your sleep, and normalize this part of your life as much as possible. More sleep means less stress, less stress means you keep more hair.

Diet is another crucial thing to address for beautiful chevelure. If the hair lacks nutrients and vitamins, it will show this immediately. Remember that hair and nails are the last two destinations for delivery of vitamins in the body, so even if you take vitamins and your diet is proper, but the chevelure is in poor condition, it means you have to increase the intake.

Pay attention to non-fatty proteins like lean poultry and fish, eggs, dairy, and nuts. Proteins are good for hair because they provide building blocks for new hairs to grow. Also, eat more vegetables and fruit to get natural vitamins. All green products are especially useful for your beauty.


While many resources recommend active massage and brushing, this is conflicting advice. On the one hand, massage with fingers and brushing will stimulate the blood circulation and improve the nutrition of the skin on your head. On the other hand, if your hair is already falling out severely, additional massage will tear it out rather than make it stronger. If the loss is substantial it is better to visit the doctor, perhaps the reason is more serious than just stress and poor blood circulation.

Even if you do not suffer or hair loss, do not comb your locks very often, especially if you have long locks. Frequent combing can damage the tips and you will eventually have split-ends and dry length of the hair.

As you spend your day, do not keep the hair in the same position all the time, especially if it is long. Try to change its position gently three-four times a day; if you wear it loose, make a braid or a ponytail for two-three hours, then make it loose again, or make a bun. This method will help keep the blood circulation in the skin of your head active by changing the position of the roots, but without combing and tearing the hair out.

One of the best and the safest ways to improve blood circulation is changing the water temperature several times as you wash your hair. Wash it as you usually do, and then slowly make the water just a bit cooler. Then make the water a bit warmer than you usually prefer, and repeat this change from warmer to cooler several times. You will feel the activation of blood flow but without aggressive stimulation of the skin on your head. This method also helps to deal with headaches.

If you dye your hair, choose natural dyes, or those that have less aggressive chemical components. Ask the hairdresser for advice. It is always a good idea to keep the same color for at least 6 months and dye only the roots as the hair grows. This will allow you to prevent damage on the length of your locks.

Always invest into the best shampoos and creams you can afford, because there are so many toxic chemical particles in the air, especially in the big cities, that natural immunity of your hair is not enough to protect it. However, make sure you do not overcare, otherwise, you will have heavy, greasy hair.

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