Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

Finding the gifts for 11 year old girl can be a bit of challenge because this is a difficult age when girls aren’t quite ready for teen interests and, at the same time, they don`t want to get little kid toys. Their hobbies and interests change nearly as quickly as their moods and the little ladies of this age very often think that they`re a lot more grown-up than they actually are. But, of course, you`d like to choose a great gift for your 11 year old kid, however difficult it may be, because you know how important this transitional period in her life is.

So when you start looking for the best gift, you should realize that, firstly, the choice of toys for 11 year old girls must be appropriate for their development, and only then bright and colorful. If you get confused and are really frazzled selecting the most appropriate plaything in a toy store for your young lady, here are the best 11 year old girls gift ideas that will certainly help you in your crazy quest for the perfect present.


Beauty Gifts

At the age of 11 girls start wondering the way they look, they want to copy the adult patterns of behavior and dress up like their moms. Thus, you may focus on the things that can help your 11 years old lady discover the foundation of how to look more feminine. So you may think about buying:

  • Jewelry: You shouldn`t pick anything too serious as a present for the lady of 11 years old. It would be better to buy high-quality costume jewelry. When it comes to the design, girls prefer romantic hints like brooches, necklaces and rings with flowers, hearts, butterflies, bees and so on.
  • Wrist Watch: Try to choose the watch of interesting forms and fashionable design. A romantic style with hearts and other cute figurines will be a cool option, but, keep in mind, that 11 year old ladies already have their own preferences and you should take them into account. Word of advice, today Timex Girls Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Watch is highly popular among girls.
  • Cosmetics and Perfumery: You can also present special cosmetics and perfumery that are oriented towards this age. Light floral perfumes or fruity lipsticks make her feel like a real lady, even though she is just 11!


Gifts for Storing Something Important

  • Diary: This is a great present from a psychological perspective because at that age girls commonly have a lot of secrets and it can be hard for them to share these secrets with their parents or friends. In turn, they can write down all the secrets in a pretty diary.
  • Jewelry Box: A nice little box for storing jewelry would please even the most capricious girl as girls like to collect some beautiful stuff. Just don`t forget to put necessarily something special in it, for example, a lovely pendant or a charming bracelet.

Creativity and Interests

When you’re selecting the perfect gift for your young lady, you can and even must accommodate her interests. Try to choose something that will motivate her to develop her hobby. For example, if she loves to paint, you can buy any fun creative kit like Art Set for the Creative Mind, or if she participates in sports, you can give her some sports equipment.



Well, who doesn’t like to do for fun at that age? Therefore, you can always present your 11 year old girl with something that will make her happy at the moments of boredom.

  • Board Game: There are a lot of board games for girls that will be extremely appropriate at that age. Moreover, this gift is cool because it can be unpacked and used immediately after giving.
  • Stuffed Animal: There is no age for this toy as it’s really universal one! Any 11 years old girl will squeal with happiness if she gets such a fluffy gift.


Although finding the perfect gift for 11 years old lady is a particularly difficult task due to the fact that this is the beginning of the transitional period, but nevertheless, it isn’t impossible! The main thing is to choose the gift from the heart and, in this case, you`ll make the right option!

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