Why Your First Car Should Be Second-Hand

Everybody remembers their first car as this is the one that opened up an entirely new world to you where you can enjoy complete freedom and independence for the first time. For the majority, their first used car is usually a cheap, old second-hand compact car, but there is a very good reason for this. These are the reasons why your first car should be a used one.


The first, and most obvious, benefit is the fact that used cars are much more affordable than new ones. Whether you are buying this yourself or if it is a gift from your parents, saving a large amount of money is always an advantage. In addition to this, it also means that your money goes further because you can buy a used car with a good spec as opposed to a very basic new car.

Cheaper to Insure

Another financial benefit is that a used car is cheaper to insure because it is not worth as much as a new car. This is crucial for young and/or new drivers, as insurance can be very expensive for these groups so you will want to save money if possible.

Avoid Depreciation

A new automobile loses around 60% of its value after three years, which is an enormous financial hit to take if you sell the car on later down the line. Depreciation rates slow as the car gets older, so it is worth looking at a vehicle that is a few years older for lower prices and to avoid the biggest financial hit.

Lower Personal Value

A new driver is likely to be terrified of putting a dent in a brand new car and could be reluctant to drive, but if you are driving a seven-year-old hatchback, you will not mind as much if it gets scratched or has minor damage. This is important for new drivers, who need to be confident (yet cautious) behind the wheel.


The used car market is gigantic, which means that it should not be too difficult to find the right vehicle for a great deal. It is important to shop at reputable dealership and get a vehicle history check carried out before making the purchase. Many different car brands are available, such as Peugeot, at more affordable prices making the choice a difficult one.

Joining the roads as a new driver is an incredibly exciting time. Buying used is the smart move to make for the above reasons, but even an older second-hand car will be an exciting purchase and it is a car that you will always look back fondly on.

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