The F.A.B. Girls’ Guide: How To Survive a Break up

What Is a F.A.B. Girl?

Just in case you’re wondering – F.A.B. stands for “Fun, Able & Beautiful” – And that is exactly what you are! F.A.B. Girls know what they are worth, and they never let a rotten break up keep them from being the fabulous people they were before they got involved with the loser who broke their heart.

Other Things F.A.B. Can Stand For…

  • Fit And Babe-a-luscious!
  • Fruity And Bubbly
  • Flirty And Bold

Just make it up as you go along…

What is the First Thing a F.A.B. Girl Tells Herself After a Break up?

Repeat after me – “Well that was interesting! I’ll take it as a learning experience, and now it is time to move on to bigger and better things.” Shout it from the rooftops girls!

What is the First Thing a F.A.B. Girl Does After a break up?

F.A.B. Girls know that it is okay to cry, because they know and understand the science behind crying – When you cry emotional tears, it is your body’s way of releasing stress hormones, which is why you feel SO much better after balling your eyes out!

So the first thing a F.A.B. Girl does after she has been dumped or has broken up with the love of her life, is call her best mate and cry down the phone. Your best mate will totally understand. In fact, she may even join in. Because that’s what best mates are for!

moving into new home

What Does a F.A.B. Girl Do After She Has Sobbed Her Heart Out?

She devices a plan of action, with the support of her much-valued peers, to remind herself of the fabulous person she used to be when she was single. Her single friends will be straight in there to remind her of how much more fun single girls have!

And her girlfriends (who are girlfriends) will join in reluctantly, feeling jealous that they can’t go out on the pull too! But they will sit on the side and watch, and support you all they can.

What is a F.A.B. Girl’s Back-up Plan When The Misery of Being Single Again Hits Home?

Every F.A.B Girl knows that chocolate, ice cream, and anything with high amounts of sugar are not the newly single girl’s best friend. Instead, the F.A.B. Girl seeks out healthy new hobbies and activities to busy her mind and her soul…

  • Yoga (Because it helps you to breathe in new beginnings and breathe out anything that is going to poison your soul!)
  • Life drawing (Preferably with a hot male nude.)
  • A new trendy diet (To get your mind off all the sugary delights that are only going to make you even more fat and depressed.)
  • A creative DIY project (Because being creative and doing things with your fingers or hands makes you feel productive.)
  • A shopping spree for a brand new wardrobe (It’s good to do anything that makes you feel all fresh and brand new!)
  • A new haircut and color (So that when you look in the mirror every morning from now on you won’t be thinking of the past.)
  • Writing a bitter but humorous novel about the break up (Because your heart breaking experience teamed with your creative genius and unmatched wit is bound to make you rich and famous… Which would be the perfect way to get over a break up!)
  • Volunteering to help out at local puppy classes (A great opportunity to play with and cuddle lots of adorable little fluffy puppies!)
  • Get a low maintenance pet (Because it will remind you to think of someone/something other than yourself on a daily basis – seriously, get a pet, even if is just a goldfish.) they also help to stop you from feeling lonely. Anything that has a set of eyes is much more fun to talk to than a pot plant. And your friends aren’t necessarily going to be there in the middle of the night when you need to talk!

How Does the F.A.B. Girl Know When it is Time to Start Dating Again?

She doesn’t! She leaves that decision up to her trusted friends. She also leaves the decision as to whom she should date up to her friends, because obviously her character judgment hasn’t been quite up to par so far; if past relationships have anything to say about it!

Alternatively go with the age-old saying – It takes twice as long to get over a guy, as it took you get under him! Is that the saying? Just multiply the length of time you were with the guy by two.

What Does the F.A.B. Girl Do When She Bumps into Her Ex?

Absolutely nothing! Well, unless he says something to you, in which case you might want to blink, or breathe to let him know you’re not a statue. I’m only kidding! The trick is to simply relax. That might be difficult to do, especially if he is flaunting a new girlfriend, or if you broke up on really, really bad terms!

You just have to keep telling yourself (silently, unless you want him to think you’ve lost the plot) that you’re worth more than him and you deserve much better. Or, if none of that applies, repeat after me – “Well that was interesting! I’ll take it as a learning experience, and now it is time to move on to bigger and better things.”

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