Everyday Eats That Stain Your Teeth & The Need for Dental Whitening

We humans, we just love eating. It seems like we live just to chew. We simply adore how different types of flavors tickle our taste buds whenever we try out cuisine from different countries. Italian, Belgian, American, Asian, Indian, and all sorts of other dishes can easily make our mouths water as soon as they casually whiff through our noses. Food is truly a pleasure like no other.

However, we also always seem to lack foresight. It is only too often that our hunger gets the better of us and we do not think about the aftermath. We do not think about how our eating habits will affect our bodies; how certain food can be detrimental to our health. Read this, for instance: https://fs.blog/2012/01/mindless-eating-why-we-eat-more-than-we-think/.

No, I am not just talking about the internal level.

Food rich in sugar, salt, and bad cholesterol are root causes of lifestyle diseases and therefore, they must be eaten in moderation. After all, once you get entangled up with these types of illnesses, there is just no going back.

Notwithstanding these internal and permanent conditions, there are also types of food we eat daily that causes more immediate damage to our visible organs. Say, our teeth for example.

While all you do is think about food, your teeth have to deal with all the chewing and grinding involved with the process just so you get to enjoy every bit of flavor that comes with your snack or meal.

Having to do this day after day, every few hours or so, will certainly tire your chompers out. If that is not problematic enough, you might also be the type of person who is very into food stuff that easily stains the teeth.

Now, if you are not careful enough, you can be losing that precious smile of yours way too early in life. And along with it, the ease and convenience of eating without dentures or other dental alternatives.

You may be abusing your teeth more than you know, and while we are not here to limit you about your food intake or lecture you about what a good diet really is, we just want to warn you about certain types of food that may stain your pearly whites.

Again, we are not trying to keep you from munching or drowning yourself on these delectable goodies. All we ask is that you be responsible enough to know how to care for your precious teeth right after enjoying the following treats:

  • Sticky, Chewy Candy (Like Taffy or Gobstoppers)

Uh-oh. Have you outgrown your sweet tooth yet? Or are you still that same kid that gets excited over Halloween candy? Well if you are, do not be afraid to admit it! I, for one, would still battle my kids for some sugar and I do not feel the slightest shame about it!

There is just something about sweet treats that can instantly make us happy. I guess it is the sweet rush of glucose that flows into the bloodstream or the comforting taste of it. Regardless of what causes the sure of happiness, the fact remains that we all desperately crave for it. But at what cost?

Unfortunately, eating too much sugar can damage our dental health greatly – of course, it can cause other health complications like diabetes, but we are not here to talk about that. This is doubly true for treats that tend to get stuck on the teeth like Taffy and nougat.

Hard candy or those that do not easily melt in the mouth and thus stay longer can also cause major trouble. Sugar allows the acidity to rise inside the mouth, encouraging the growth of nasty bacteria that causes decay (read more). Make sure you brush and floss after a sugar run to make sure that you do not run into any trouble.

  • Sugary Desserts

Again, it is because it is sugar. If candy is a no, then sweet stuff like cakes and pastries are also a no-go. This does not mean that you are completely banned from eating them though. If we are talking about food stuff that can cause tooth decay, almost everything that is sticky or requires chewing would be crossed off the list. That would probably leave you with just water, and that would be very tragic.

So again, if you really have an uncontrollable sweet tooth, just make sure that you are thorough with the aftercare, capisce? Brush, floss, and gargle after a good meal.

  • Coffee

You might be thinking “Oh, it’s probably because of sugar again.” Well, it is not. Coffee with lots of cream and sugar is certainly trouble but that doesn’t mean you’re safe if you learn to drink it black. Coffee is a high acid drink, plus it easily pigments the teeth enamel, making it look brownish it yellowish.

If your line of work requires you to smile or show your teeth often, then this for sure spells trouble. Still, I think more than half of the world’s working population cannot survive a day without coffee so saying that you should avoid it completely is just out of the question. So instead, always flush your mouth with a drink of water after each good cup of coffee.

Aside from helping rinse off your teeth, it also helps balance the acidity in your stomach, so you reduce the chances of getting ulcers or hyperacidity. Also, you may want to look into getting teeth whitening treatments done at least once a year to keep those molars white and pearly.

  • Red Wine

Yes, another sinful pleasure on the list. I regret to inform you but the only healthy alcohol we have on the planet also has its downsides. One of those is staining your teeth. Of course, it will not be staining it red; that would be outrageous, and I have yet to hear about such a case.

At worst, it can make your teeth look uneven and yellowish which is most likely to the high acidity level of the drink that thins the teeth’s enamel. Also, the colour of red wine is strong so it may also cause staining. Again, flushing your mouth with water after a sweet drink is recommended. Also, you might want to look into baking soda hacks because they’re pretty effective when it comes to teeth whitening.

  • Tobacco

This is not really food since it is not something you chew and swallow, but I think it is still worth the mention because it is a major cause of teeth problems. Chain smokers, especially, suffer from dark, brittle, and yellowish teeth. The fumes of the tobacco that enters the mouth have negative effects on your dental health.

Imagine having to constantly repeat this process throughout the entire day for every day of the week. For this one, the only advice I can give you is to either stop or reduce your smoking and frequent your dental visits for maintenance.

Why Should You Pay Better Attention to Your Oral Health?

You have already stained your teeth or got crazy cavities because you read this article a little too late. Well, there really is not much more to do than get your teeth whitened and fixed right? You can always try at home teeth whitening kits and get them white and pearly again yourself at the comfort of your house. But still, beyond whitening products, you also must consider your overall dental health.

I know what you are thinking of next.

One thing that people dislike most when talking about dental care is cost. Well, I do agree that dental care is not the cheapest service there is, so I understand people’s hesitations when it comes to visiting the dentist.

After all, you will never know what the doc will find once you go in for a check-up. You are afraid that whatever it is, you may not be able to afford it. So better just sit still and wait, right? It is not like you are feeling any real pain yet.

Wrong. That sort of thinking is what gets most people into trouble. Because they are so adamant about running away from seemingly “needless” costs at the time, they stumble upon even bigger problems in the future.

What you could have solved for less than $100 months ago now forces you to spend $1000 because of how far the extent of damage has gone. What you could’ve solved with little to no pain is now the source of your agony and you can’t even remember the last time you’ve had some decent sleep because an overbearing toothache has been bugging you for weeks.

Thinking that you can “forego” dental care because it is something you do not really need right now is a very dangerous thought. It can lead you to the worst situations and cause you to experience the most spiteful of pains.

I think you are adult enough to understand that all the money in the world cannot help you escape the pain – only avoid it. So instead of just piling all those greens, use them to invest in your health, to take better care of yourself.

At the end of the day, I think that health is still the most important thing of all. It is something no amount of money can ever replace. So, if you don’t want to suffer later on and incur even more costs because the damage was not intercepted during its early stages, might as well pay more attention to the state of your dental health now.

Still, that is not to say that you should be a clueless spender. There is a thin line between smart investing and just wasting a ton of money. The reason why most people are not too happy about the idea of getting dental care plans is that it expires before they even get to use it – and they paid the full (sometimes even overpriced) premium for it!

To avoid having to experience such an impractical situation, you must be wiser in how you invest your dental care money, and which products you decide to trust.

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