Essentials Needed to Have Your Tween Girl Back-to-School Ready

No matter how much kids complain about school, they’re always excited and ready to go back to school after holidays and breaks. The night before school starts, they can’t hardly sleep, and they will spend hours trying to figure out what they want to wear and how to style their hair… especially your tween girls.

Back-to-school is so crucial for them. The “first day of school outfit” sets the tone for how you will look the rest of the year, so be sure you have your daughter looking her best. When you’re doing your back-to-school shopping for your daughter, be sure to have these essential items in your shopping cart or your online checkout.

Trendy Clothes

There’s nothing worse than wearing clothes to school that “nobody wears anymore.” That’s why it’s so important to have your daughter with you while you’re shopping. She’ll be able to tell you if something is cool to wear or not.

Sometimes, we as parents have to get in our minds that our daughters are not little girls anymore. She doesn’t want to wear the shoes that light up any more, nor does she want to wear the dress shoes with ruffled socks. It can be hard to accept that fact, but you’ll soon learn that as she matures, she’ll begin to want to change her style and have a more mature look.

The Perfect Backpack

You can’t have an awesome back-to-school experience without the perfect backpack. Some kids value backpacks with the most compartments and pockets, but for your tween girl, it’s all about the look.

She will want a backpack that speaks to her individuality, so a solid red backpack just won’t do. For all the moms out there, a mermaid backpack won’t do either. She’s maturing, and the things she loved as a child will no longer interest her.

When you both go backpack shopping, pay attention. You can even ask questions as to why she likes a particular backpack. It’s not being nosey; you’re just getting to know her and her developing maturity. You’ll want to make sure she gets the backpack she wants for style purposes, but you also want to make sure she’s getting a comfortable backpack as well.

Stylish Shoes

Your tween girl has wide variety of clothing options; now she will need a good selection of shoes to go with her outfits. You don’t have to buy her the whole shoe store, but giving her good options to choose from might make her move a little bit faster in the mornings when she’s getting dressed.

There are a few key staples your daughter should have in her closet. She will need at least two pairs of tennis shoes, least two pairs of sandals, and two pairs of boots. This gives her several options to choose from, and can be worn throughout the different seasons.

Cute Hairstyles

What better way to start a new school year than with a new do. A new do can be a new hair color or even a new haircut. The exploration of new hairstyles can actually be a bonding moment for you and your daughter. You can have a girls night and look through magazines at the different hairstyles. You can even experiment with the different hairstyles on each other’s hair.

If your daughter loves French braids, then you can give her a side French braid, and tie a ribbon at the end of her hair. That hairstyle will go nicely with a sweater, leggings, and ankle booties. Being able to do her hair in ways that she doesn’t know how to, can definitely bring you two closer together.

Curls are also a trendy hairstyle that tweens rock. Curls add texture to their look, and they go with anything she puts on. She can wear her hair down with curls, or she can pull her hair up into a ponytail, and still achieve a cute look.

Once you put all these elements together, your daughter will be set up for success. Her first day of school will be one for the books, and it was all accomplished with your help. The clothes, shoes, backpack, and hair all make for one happy tween. She will go to school looking good, and feeling good.

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