5 Things to Consider for Essay Writing About Beauty Stereotypes

Each century gives us new rules of beauty, which is why we have many stereotypes about this issue. During the world history there were always many discussions about beauty: what it is; who is beautiful; what we can do to find beauty, etc. Nowadays people try to establish the statement that beauty in relationships is not in the first place. People fall in love not with some abstract beauty, but with a concrete whole image of a person: the eyes, the habit of doing something funny, the ability to maintain optimism in any situation and many other things.

But the topic of beauty stereotypes is still very important in the life of people. Maybe that’s the reason why sometimes students need to write essays about it. In general, it’s not a difficult task, because you need to express your own opinion about stereotypes. You can find the best examples at Papercheap. In this article we want to give you the main things to consider for writing this essay.

1.     Meaning of Beauty

Each epoch of history has its own rules of beauty. This is not only appearance of a person, but also the inner world, knowledge etc. It means that when you write an essay you should consider the image of beauty in the specific period. Read some information about an epoch you’re writing about and use this as the beginning.

2.     Different Opinions

Beauty is a subjective notion, so if you need to discuss a specific stereotype, you should use different opinions about it. Of course, your own minds are necessary, since you are the one who writes an essay. However, it’s important to use the works of scientists – from history and modern ones. You should use the phrases like “I agree with…” or “It seems wrong to me…”

When it comes to modern scientists, these are mostly designers. They create new tendencies, so you need to read their works about beauty. It will show that you did research for writing an essay.

3.     Creator of a Stereotype

Maybe, creator isn’t a good word, but the meaning is the same. Each rule of beauty was founded by someone: for example, cellulite was firstly noticed by the editor of the fashion magazine. This point may be useful for you to build your arguments whether a stereotype is good or bad. Besides, it will show that you are aware of the history of the subject.

4.     Epoch and Country

In previous points we mentioned the importance of knowledge of the history. Here we want to look at this closely. Really, it’s vital to match the stereotype with the historical events if you want to have a good essay. There are some beauty rules that have unknown origins, but most of them have a country where they appeared. Try to find out about this issue and mention it in your essay. If you name the wrong time and place of origin, it may make your mark lower.

5.     Views of Professor

We’ve already said about subjectivity of beauty. This fact makes it difficult to freely express your own opinion, because you may hurt the feeling of another person. In the case of your professor, who will read your essay, you should be especially careful not to create a conflict. If you’re not sure about his or her views, it’s better to make your statements neutral.

Following these simple suggestions can help you to write a good essay about beauty stereotypes. Good luck!

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