Decorating Tips for Couples Moving in Together

Moving in together is quite a big step in your relationship. This isn’t the type of decision you can rush into, but it will in fact help you test if you are actually meant to be together. If you believe you have reached that point, all you have to do now is decide on the specifics of cohabiting. Perhaps you have already figured out where you’ll be staying, and now it’s time to handle living arrangements. Decorating should be one of the things you do together, and while it’s possible for you to face a few disagreements, as long as you follow some relevant tips, things can turn out great. Here’s how you can properly prep your shared space and make sure both of you are on the same page here:

Develop an in-between décor style

Trying to blend in both of your styles can lead to awful results. Perhaps you are more of a minimalist decorating type, while your partner prefers an eclectic design. Because it can be difficult for you to combine two completely different styles, and maintain visually appealing results, it’s better if you develop an in-between approach instead. Take a look around both of your homes and figure out which elements could be enjoyed by you and your partner together. Once you actually find common ground, it will be easier for you to create a living space suitable for you two as a couple. You are also recommended to shop for anything you need for your new home together. Start window shopping with enough time prior to your move, and see what items you can agree on.

An interior design that fosters romance – choose sentimental decorations

Sharing a home is something that should excite you, and your new crib should also highlight how much you mean to each other. When you are choosing decorations, you can’t go if you incorporate as many sentimental elements as possible. The overall design needs to foster romance. Silver picture frames with photos of your most precious moments, a piece of artwork that makes you recall one of your first dates, gifts you have given to each other – these are a few examples of items with sentimental value that can be used to create a décor that is personalized for you as a couple. You are less likely to disagree on whether to add a decoration to your new home or not, if it comes with sentimental value.

Have a consistent color palette throughout the entire house

One of the first choices you will need to make, once you start renovating the premises, is the color scheme of the house. The colors you choose can help you blend everything together easier. When there is a consistent color palette throughout the entire house, you’ll manage working with your two or multiple different styles easier. That doesn’t mean you won’t have any troubles choosing shades. What you can do here, is decide on neutral tones, colors that match almost any furniture item and decoration.

Get on the same page in terms of budget

Even if you already have some things from both your homes you want to bring along, there will be quite a few new things that need to be purchased. Moving in together comes with certain expenses, and because your financial situation might slightly differ from the one of your significant other, you should have an open talk about money and decide on a budget. Certain issues can arise if one of you want to purchase things that the other can’t actually afford, so having a budget in mind will prevent this type of scenario.

Focus on comfort first

It’s perfectly normal for you to want your new place to look picture-perfect, but comfort should always be the main priority. Living together will give you the opportunity to solidify your relationship, but if the home where you’ll be living only looks nice but comes with many comfort issues, you might end up having unpleasant discussions on the subject. Whether it’s a sofa, kitchen appliances or the bed, always go for comfort first.

When in doubt, start over with new furniture items

Perhaps you have a sofa you love, but your partner absolutely dreads it, and prefers their own instead. Why fight about who gets to bring what, when you can easily get something you both like, and avoid the conflict. Whenever you have doubts about an element or another, it’s easier to purchase a brand new one. This way, each of you can have a say, and no one will have to accept a furniture item that they hate.

Make compromises

Another thing you should keep in mind from the moment you decide to take this step is that you will need to learn how to compromise. Getting your way with everything revolving around the move isn’t a reasonable approach. Compromising in some situations can help you maintain the harmony of your relationship, and make the entire transition smoother. If there is a decoration or a furniture item that comes with sentimental value for your partner, but you don’t like at all, accepting it will show your love and will allow you to prevent conflict.

Have fun

If you make home decorating a fun activity for two, you’ll be less likely to disagree and you’ll be starting this new chapter in your life on the right foot. Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to get everything done before moving, nor to obtain perfect results. Home decorating should be fun, so take it easy and try to enjoy it.

Taking your relationship to the next level, and finally moving in together can be exciting. Nevertheless, cohabiting does come with certain concerns, and you might be nervous about how your relationship will develop once you share the same house. Your future living arrangement should contribute to your lifestyle as a couple, and while you might not realize it at first, the way you decorate your new place can actually influence the entire experience of living together. Use the tips highlighted above to your advantage.

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