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How My First Boyfriend Proved His Love For Me

I have always been a bit of a difficult-to-please kind of girl. Some would call me high maintenance, but I just think it’s important to set personal standards and expect guys to respect you enough to work harder at making you happy.

Perhaps the first time I realized that I was a bit more of a challenge than I thought though, was when I had my first proper boyfriend. We spent a long time in the cute flirting stage, where neither one of us was sure of how the other felt. To be honest it was mostly my fault because I was a bit shy, and I think I made it as difficult as possible for the guy to know whether or not I really liked him. I felt safer keeping him at a distance.

Then Valentines Day was approaching, and I knew that he was going to make a fuss out of getting me flowers and a card and all of that, because by this point he was getting quite desperate to express how he felt. I don’t really like the whole Valentines Day thing though; I find it too cheesy. So to avoid the embarrassment of receiving roses and being teased by my mother and sister, I made it very clear that I hated all flowers, especially roses. But then I decided to be a bit cheeky and state that I did really like purple daisies, and that no boy had ever bought me any before. I knew full well that there is no such thing as purple daisies though!

When Valentines Days came, I was beginning to wish I hadn’t been so mean, and I started to fear that I wouldn’t get anything at all, and that maybe he had given up on me altogether. There was nothing that morning for me in the post and there were no messages on my phone. My mother and sister had started to make comments, and I started to feel very silly indeed. The afternoon came, and still there was nothing. I resolved that Valentines Day had come and gone, and that nobody loved me.

Then in the early evening the front door bell rang and my heart leapt into my stomach. I ran down the stairs, and then slowed down when I saw my mum hovering in the hall grinning. I casually sauntered over to the door and opened it – but there was nobody there! How odd.

Then something caught my eye, and I looked down. On the doorstep there was an enormous bunch of flowers, and although they were all different, every single one of them resembled a purple daisy! And tied to them and the base and staring up at me was the cutest little purple teddy bear that said “I Love You” on it’s chest.

There was no note, and no sign of him anywhere, but I knew exactly whom it was from. To this day it has been my best Valentines Day memory. And yes he ended up asking me out, and we were boyfriend and girlfriend for two happy years.

Cute Love Stories

The Strange Ways Boys Show Their Love For You

You know how when you’re at school there’s always one boy who seems to be picking on you, or teasing you, or hitting you? And you just think the boy hates you, but then years later you learn that it was actually their way of expressing the fact that they really liked you! Well this is sort of what happened to me, only a little bit more on the extreme side…

I was pretty much in love with the most popular boy in the school. Well, everyone was. But I was the kind of girl who popular people paid no attention to whatsoever. I didn’t exist. In fact I wasn’t even worth picking on, or being teased. I was literally invisible most of the time. I was also very shy, so it didn’t bother me too much. I liked to fade into the background and admire the love of my life from afar.

One winter I was walking to the bus stop with my small circle of nerdy friends to go home after school. It had been snowing and all the boys were running around playing snowball. I always enjoyed home-time because I caught the same bus home as the guy I fancied, which meant I got to stand at the same bus stop, sit on the top deck and listen to him at the back of the bus mucking around with his mates, and then watch him get off a few stops before me, and hope every single time that he’d look up at the window – which he never did! When he did, it was to yell at his mates though, and I’d try to catch his eye.

Anyway, we were heading slowly towards the bus stop in snow, and suddenly one of my friends said, “Is that your guy coming over to us?” I looked up and sure enough it looked like he was laughing and smiling at me as he approached. I cautiously smiled back and went to wave, but then it dawned on me what was actually happening…

We had walked straight into the middle of a snowballing war, and the love of my life was heading towards me with a snowball the size of a bowling ball! I was completely stuck on the spot and transfixed though, and before I could do anything about it, he was about arms-length away from me, and he threw the giant snowball full force at my face and then ran off laughing.

I was mortified, but I didn’t even feel my face throbbing because I was too overcome with humiliation. The next day I wished I was to wake up from an awful nightmare, but instead I awoke to a black eye! I found out years later that the boy had secretly fancied me, but was too awkward about it to let me know. It has been a constant reminder of how much love can jolly well hurt!

Cute Love Stories 12

How Love Can Surprise You

I used to work with the most gorgeous guy on the planet. He was so beautiful and we got along so well that most of the time I assumed he was gay. He had a certain camp swagger about him, and he was always impeccably well turned out. Most of his friends were female, and he was one of the best sales assistants on the floor.

We were very close, and we always took our lunch breaks together. He would talk to me about someone he liked in the store but he would never tell me who it was. To cover up my disappointment I would in turn talk to him about the guy I fancied, but I never ever revealed that it was him!

We had very in depth conversations over our Pret sandwiches about each of our secret crushes, and tried to come with all sorts of solutions for each other. He would talk about his crush in a very obscure way, so I never could tell whether it was a girl or a guy though, and I didn’t like to focus too much on the gender anyway, because I thought he might now be comfortable with his own sexuality and I didn’t want him to close up, because I loved our conversations!

Then one day I decided that I was going to help him to tell the person that he liked them, because I knew that there was no point in trying to keep him to myself when he was obviously not interested in me in that way, and if he was gay it was a hopeless case for me anyway. But he was too shy to approach them, so I told him that if he told me who it was that I would talk to them for him and find out how they felt.

He refused to tell me who it was though, and instead said that he would arrange for the person to meet me in the canteen the following lunch break. So I went along with it. I had no idea who I was going to be faced with, which felt quite weird. I was going to come face to face with my number one rival, the one person who had stolen the heart of the man I wanted for myself! And I didn’t really know whether it was going to be a girl or a guy. What if it was a girl and it turned out that he was straight after all? Was I going to be able to set him up with her? Or would I be too jealous?

I had all of these thoughts spinning around in my head when he came and sat down in front of me. I immediately thought he had backed out and not told the person to come and meet me, but then he said he hadn’t backed out. I was very confused and he literally had to spell it out to me…

It was me! I was the girl he had fancied all this time and he had never had the guts to tell me. I was so surprised; I didn’t see it coming. I then had to tell him that he was the guy I had been talking about all of this time too, which was so embarrassing. Especially when he said that he knew because one of our colleagues had told him! Things were very weird between us for a little while, but we started dating and things soon felt exactly how they were meant to. I was so happy!

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