77 Checkered Outfits for Girls To Try

Some girls are fascinated in wearing geometrically designed outfits and they often match it with shorts or jeans. On the other hand, some are wearing full-length dresses with checkered designs for something geeky, new, and fun appearance. The checkered style can be interpreted as a retro, nerd, simple, and countryside fashion. You can see different garments with checkered designs since this style is very popular from the vintage period up to the modern generation. Moreover, this gets up can be easily paired with other garments for a simple yet fashionable look.

An Office Style Get Up with a Long Coat for a Smart Look

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This smart casual get up is suitable for office attire. The elegance of the checkered dress, slacks, and leopard flat shoes make the look in a semi-formal style.

Simple yet Fashionable Sleeves and Jeans

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Match your messy hair style with a white checkered long sleeves, jeans, shoulder bag, and shades. This outfit is great for traveling especially when visiting some relatives or friends.

A Stylish Corporate Attire with Checkered Skirt

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Keep your fashion offbeat with this amazing checkered skirt, gray blouse, black cardigan, shades, clutch bag, golden jewelry, and black gladiator shoes.

A Nice Checkered Uniform for Office Style Get Up

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Have a retro style outfit for your office attire and popularize this apparel on your officemates. This particular get up goes well with sunglasses, duffel bag, and T-strap shoes.

Manage Your Winter Wear with a Touch of Modish Look

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Do not sacrifice your style in the winter season. Wear something unique and comfortable. This checkered pants can be combined with knitted long sleeves, coat, duffel bag, shades, and dark red pointed shoes.

Great Combination of White Sleeves and Checkered Pants

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Checkered designed garments are perfect for office look attire because they provide a sense of smartness, intelligence, and confidence. Try to wear this awesome style and make your co-workers become jealous of your style.

Edgy Outfit in Black Long Sleeves and Fitted Pants

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This style is a combination of retro and contemporary fusion together to create a unique yet fashionable outfit. The black knitted long sleeves are perfectly matched with the checkered jeans.

A Countryside Look for Your School Days

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If you’re wondering what-to-wear on your school clothes, this countryside style is absolutely great for you to try. You’ll just need neutral colored checkered long sleeves, skinny jeans, yellow low-cut boots, and shoulder bag.

Tomboy Style is the New Trend in Checkered Chic

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This boyish look will surely make you look cool, smart, and confident. The combination of the ripped pants, striped shirt, and checkered cardigan carry the style. In addition, the hat, watch, bracelets, thick heeled shoes, and other jewelry will make the appearance funkier.

Vannesa Hudgen’s Inspired Maxi Checkered Dress

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Love to wear checkered designs? This maxi dress is suitable for your preference. The casual and retro look are fused into one for an amazing fashionable look.

Voguish Corporate Outfit for Your Special Appointments

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This outfit should be added to your collections. The elegance of the upper garment matches with the skirt and black stockings. This outfit is perfect for travel tours and corporate office meetings.

Checkered Cardigan, Shirt, and Pants for Petite Style

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A black OOTD is a nice and wear-anywhere clothing. You can hang out with your friends and travel together with this cool outfit.

Civilian Look in Long Sleeves and Denim Shorts

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If you’re going to visit some downtown shops, you’ll probably need to keep your fashion on-the-go. These long sleeves, ripped denim shorts, shades, and sling bag is appropriate for the street walk.

Corporate Attire Look with a Long Length Checkered Coat

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This dress up is the sophisticated, voguish, and smart attire for the corporate world. The combination of the garments blended well together.

A Nice Casual Appearance in Beautiful Long Sleeves

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If you’ll going to visit someone, you need to be looked pretty even if you’re just wearing a simple dress code. A checkered purple long sleeves, pants, duffel bag and wedge shoes are the right picks.

A Voloptuous Style in Elegant Black

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A perfect embroidery and checkered designed garment that will make you appear elegant, avant-garde, and gorgeous with your look.

Checkered Shorts in Gorgeous Crochet Top Long Sleeves

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Do you prefer an Asian-look? This all-black outfit is definitely cute, pretty, and appealing to the eyes. A must try to get up for a casual style.

A Casual Style of Red Checkered Long Sleeve and Pants

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Are you a geek type of person? This simple get up is the right apparel for you. The combination of checkered half sleeves, skinny jeans, flat shoes, and sling bag makes up the style.

A Sophisticated Office Look Match with an Awesome Skirt

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Usually, we come to the office in a plain color coded corporate attire. The best way to improve it is to try this amazing vibe cracking corporate style in pink and blue.

Make Your Winterwear a Stylish Outfit

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Do not mess up with your style just because it is a winter season. Find a stylish outfit that will stand you out of the crowd. This gets up with a long length checkered coat, pointed shoes, and skinny blue jeans is an absolutely a fashionable outfit.

Gorgeous Checkered Sleeves and Flouncy Pink Skirt

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These gorgeous and voguish dress can serve many occasions and its style connotes elegance, sassy, as well as voluptuous look. The fabric of the garment are finely detailed, well-tailored, and with superior quality. You should have this outfit in your closet.

Show Off Your Midriff Baring in this Chic Outfit

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A simple checkered midriff dresses for your casual travel activities. It is perfectly matched with shades, sling bag, and T-strap shoes.

Neutral Colored Winterwear for Your Travel Tours

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If you feel cozy or chilling during your travel tour, try this Selena Gomez’ inspired outfit. It consists of a knitted long sleeve, checkered pants, 1-inch heeled black shoes, shades, and a duffel bag.

Cute, Sassy, and Edgy Midriff Baring Garment

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This cute midriff baring outfit may transform the wearer into a sexy, hot, and appealing woman. The outfit is suitable for traveling and summer look.

Match Your Blue Striped Pedal with a Checkered Top

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear
fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

Do you like playing your style with geometrical shapes and lines designs? This all-blue outfit is the appropriate style for you. It is a nice casual wear for tall and lean ladies.

Beautiful Casual Outfit Match with a Checkered Coat

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Try this edgy checkered outfit consisting of a checkered cardigan, V-neck sleeveless jeans, duffel bag, and shades for a serious look.

Preppy Style Outfit in Shorts, Coat, and White on Top

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This preppy look is just easy to imitate especially if you’re thinking of a new style to wear. The red-orange cardigan put on the white blouse and match with checkered shorts is simple yet sophisticated.

Looking for a Jogging Outfit? Try these Fab Shorts!

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If you’re going out for an exercise, you probably need this outfit. A V-neck sleeveless top and checkered mini shorts plus rubber shoes for a complete jogging get up look.

Sophisticated Checkered Dress for Your Special Occasion

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This casual dress is appropriate for any special events like Christmas, New Year or other social gathering events. It is simple yet fashionable to wear.

Gray Shirt and Checkered Shorts for Your Vacation Tour

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Even if you’re traveling way back home or going out-of-town, you should still look great in your simple outfit. Try this gray shirt, black and white checkered shorts for your traveling trips.

Sexy Sleeveless Top and Shorts on a Pool Party

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Be an eye-catching beauty in the summer with this fine colored sleeveless top matched with a trendy black and white checkered skirt to add some youth vibe.

Checkered Shirt and Shorts for Travel Adventures

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Put your shades on and grab a bag while wearing this checkered attire. A round neck checkered top in white highlights and a checkered short in color black highlight.

Tomboy Style Checkered Sleeves and Ripped Pants

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Be still beautiful even with the masculine vibe of this look. A checkered half sleeve top with colors of blue, red and white, partnered with trendy ripped pants.

Fashionable Garment During Your Travel

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Own the day with this cool and trendy look. A checkered long sleeve top added with more taste of style with a vest and a perfect match for skinny jeans.

Voguish Outfit in Sleeves and Jacket

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Wear the beautiful feminine vibe of this fuchsia pink long sleeve top added with sleeveless jacket styled with beautiful line patterns.

A Fashion Forward Outfit for a Casual Look

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Luxury style can also be associated with checkered attires. Such as this gorgeous look of a black top and a white suit and of course matched with fine checkered short.

Snazzy Skater Dress Top with Crochet Cardigan

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Face the cold weather with style as you wear this checkered skater dress which is accompanied by a gorgeous looking crochet cardigan.

Cute, Sassy, and Chic Outfit with a Checkered Scarf

checked outfits (48)

Black lower attire and a gorgeous black bag. What could make it better is a simple long sleeve with black and white lines and is added wth vibrancy by this checkered red scarf.

Smart Casual with a Touch of Checkered Sleeves

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look smart and professional while keeping the style in you with this checkered top with a blue suit which adds vibrancy to the overall look.

Edgy Outfit in All Checkered Style

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An edgy style and aura are preserved by this attire. A lengthy v-neckline and wide collar. This attire is like a high fashion style in the street with the young vibe.

Amazing Smart Casual Outfit in Checkered Skirt

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Look smart yet lavish with this attire comprised of a black silk top combined with a high fashion jacket and of course a checkered skirt that highlights the purity of white.

Smart, Sophisticated, and Upstyle Corporate Attire

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This look is all about being smart and professional while still being inside the stylish zone. A white coat that accompanies the black and white checkered inner garment. It is even made more stylish with black skinny jeans and an edgy black handbag.

A Geek Stylish Get Up in Long Sleeves and Slacks

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A stylish geek? Why not? Capture everyone’s attention while looking smart but stylish with this red and white checkered long sleeve top and fine black slacks.

Simple Style for the Winter in Dress, Coat, and Boots

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Be beautiful and stylish with this light colored coat complimenting a checkered dress which is the center of the vibrancy of the look.

Smart Casual Attire in Checkered Sleeves and Classy Skirt

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Combine the style of being trendy and classy while wearing this white and blue checkered half sleeves partnered with a fashionable textured skirt.

Cute, Girly, and Sassy Half Sleeves plus Pleated Skirt


Be proud of your curves and wear this checkered long sleeves with a stylish color combination and is partnered with a sassy pleated skirt.

A Fashion Forward Outfit with Oversized Coat

checked outfits (61)

Being lengthy is beauty, such as this fine colored checkered inner garment with a black coat on top. This look makes an edgy and high fashion aura.

Hot Look on a Stripes Top and Checkered Slacks

checked outfits (62)

Wear the beauty of the lines of this sleeveless top partnered with patterned in checkered lines.

Modish Checkered Loose Jacket for the Cozy Weather

checked outfits (63)

Turn up the style while in a cold weather with this loose jacket designed with checkered lines accompanying a white inner garment.

Edgy Look with the Stylish Checkered Scarf

Red Multi Tartan Scarf
Red Multi Tartan Scarf

Edgy and trendy, this is what this look is all about. A checkered scarf adds vibrancy to the leather jacket and fine colored jeans.

Achieve a Girl on a Cowboy Girl Style

checked outfits (65)

Wear the style of cowboys with this checkered long sleeve with vibrant colors of red and black complimenting the inner white garment and black pants.

A Fancy, Fab, and Flouncy Checkered Dress

checked outfits (66)

This is an eye catchy and fab look as it is designed with vibrant yet simple colors of red and white.

Something to Try for Your Fashionable Corporate Attire

checked outfits (69)

Stay stylish and trendy with this long sleeve top with eye catchy checkered pants.

Funky Style Outfit for Office Look

checked outfits (70)

Have the funky vibe at the office while still looking professional with this black top and leather jacket partnered loose checkered pants.

Fashionable Denim Jacket and Dress for Teens

checked outfits (71)

Be young and beautiful with this simple yet attractive look of a checkered dress complimented by a trendy denim jacket.

Unique Straight Cut Dress in Stylish Design

checked outfits (72)

Be as unique as this dress with a design of half plain colored part and a checkered half part. The design created a preppy look to the wearer.

Voguish Style in Pedal, Coat, and Checkered Tops plus Scarf

checked outfits (73)

Wear the passion for fashion with this edgy and unique look. An oversized coat with a checkered inner top garment. the loose pedal and a checkered scarf.

A Perfect OOTD Outfit in Jacket, Shirt, and Leggings

checked outfits (74)

Pour some style on the streets with this look of mixed trendy and semi-casual style. A white shirt printed with OOTD letters combined with the vibrant but stylish checkered long sleeves.

Smart Casual Apparel in Polo Shirt, Coat, and Boots

checked outfits (75)

Wear this stylishly created red coat that compliments a gorgeous combination of colored lines of a checkered inner garment. Match this look with a ripped jeans and it is completely stylish look.

A Voguish Look in Edgy Tops, Skirt, Coats, and Boots

checked outfits (77)

A lovely but fierce style is possessed by this look. A lengthy black coat has the edgy vibe of the look and white and checkered skirt carries the graceful aura of the look.

A Nice OOTD Get Up in Dress and Lovely Pumps

checked outfits (78)

This look is perfect for girls who wants to be simple but still graceful looking. this checkered dress contains a gentle combination of colors to have that calm aura of the look.

Simple striped Long Sleeve and Denim Jeans

checked outfits (79)

Be simple like Kate Middleton as she wears this blue and white striped shirt partnered with jeans to complete the look.

Checkered Bodycon Dress for a Party Outfit

checked outfits (82)

Catch everyone’s attention with your gracious look as you wear this checkered dress that carries a vibrant color to captivate everyone as they look at you.

Beatifully Quilted Top and Flouncy Pleated Skirt

checked outfits (83)

This quilted dress in the color of blue partnered with matching color of hat and a graceful flowing gray skirt.

OOTD Inspired by Miley Cyrus Outfit

checked outfits (84)

Wear this getup and be young as your heart. this checkered folded top is just a good complimenting garment for the cute denim short.

Black and White Edgy Outfit for a Terndy Style

checked outfits (85)

Walk like it’s the fashion week with this edgy get up comprised of attractive lines and color combination of black and white.

A Great Outfit for Travel Adventure

checked outfits (86)

Spice-up your travels wearing this checkered long sleeves matched with denim shorts. this look gives the wearer a stylish summer vibe.

Simple Red and Black Outfit Combination

checked outfits (87)

Leave everyone in awe with this red dress flaunted with attractive lines.

Elegant Outfit in a Red Long Sleeves and Jacket

checked outfits (88)

Put some fashion in that plain long sleeve shirt with this checkered vest which adds more style and impact to the eyes of everyone.

Edgy Black and White Sophisticated Get Up

checked outfits (91)

Sophistication is the essence of style. this look is in a high-fashion degree that anyone who will wear will be wearing the sophisticated vibe and aura of fashion.

Manage Your Style in Crank Top and Checkered Skirt

checked outfits (96)

Crank top? You can make a twist of this garment by wearing this checkered skirt in colors of red and black.

Dark Colors Inspired Outfit

checked outfits (97)

Wear the beauty of lines from head-to-toe with this dark colored long sleeve partnered with violet colored long skirt.

A Nice Summer Look in Pink Tops and Skater Dress

checked outfits (98)

Feel the summer in this checkered dress added with a pink see-through long sleeve.

Conservative Style Outfit in Checkered Top and Skirt

checked outfits (100)

Add some vibrancy to that plain black skirt with this red and black checkered long sleeves.

Boyish Look Retro Style Checkered Apparel

checked outfits (101)

Retro is cool. So to be cool, you can wear this retro look with this striped suit with flaunting colors of checkered inner garments and pants.

Full Length Skater Dress for the Plus Size

checked outfits (102)

Be proud of your curves and wear this dress with the graceful lines. Match it with a belt and it will be an instant style for you.

OOTD Checkered Half Sleeves and Glittering Skirt

checked outfits (103)

Bored on a checkered red long sleeves? The best choice is a skirt filled with stylish sequins to add some captivating vibe on the look.

Perfect Winterwear Attire in Checkered Inspired Style

checked outfits (106)

Join the style competition of the winter with this look. Add a stylish sweater and scarf for that checkered long sleeves and matched to the jeans and boots.

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