Chakra Bracelet: Everything You Need to Know

Many people who are interested in developing their chakras system, in order to balance their energies and succeed in life, often wear the so-called chakra bracelets. Chakra bracelets are usually made of two different types of beads – seven beads made of semi-precious stones, each of these beads is colored accordingly to a certain energy hub, and the rest of the beads are made of other materials, usually of one dark basic color, like black or brown.

As classic mala bracelet, a chakra bracelet can be used for japa – reading the mantras, however, the main meaning of this type of jewelry is somewhat different.

The Purpose of Wearing a Chakra Bracelet

Chakra bracelets are most often worn to support the energy balance in the body. Being colored according to the seven chakras system, they are believed to harmonize the energy flows, and open the energy hubs to provide proper energy levels. More “advanced” users look for chakra bracelets where chakra beads are made of specific semi-precious stones. For example, Muladhara energy hub is associated with coral, Svadhistana is related to carnelian, Manipura is associated with citrine, Anahata – with emerald, Visuddha is associated with aquamarine, Ajna is related to sapphire, and the crown energy hub is connected to amethyst. However, this is not the ultimate fixed list, and basically any stone or glass of the relevant color is associated with those chakras.

All-colors chakra bracelets are often used to harmonize the whole system and to remind the person who wears them that all aspects of their life should be balanced. However, there is another type of chakra bracelets that contain either dark-coloured beads and other beads of only one color, or are made of one color beads entirely. These bracelets are worn, as a rule, in two situations. The first option is to wear such jewelry of a certain color in order to underline the main dominating energy that is typical for the person. People who are innately strong, confident and have their feet firmly on the ground, like deep red colors, that are associated with the Muladhara. People who are creative and are connected to arts, often prefer green and blue colors, while people who underline their crown chakra energy, focus on violet color.

On the other hand, people who feel that some of their energy hubs do not function properly and need additional stimulation to open, may wear jewelry of this chakra color. People who are not confident enough to stand their ground should wear sunny yellow beads, associated with Muladhara, and those who are conflicting with their sensuality may prefer to wear orange or reddish beads, stimulating their Svadhistana.

Other people still may feel that all energy hubs work fine, but some are overactive. In order not to block the energy flow in properly functioning chakras, they balance their overactive chakras with colors, that are associated with the opposite energy characteristics. Say, people who are overly aggressive, should wear green bracelet to balance their Manipura with the loving energy of Anahata, while people who have their heads in the clouds should wear deep red or even brownish beads, to ground their energies.

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