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Why Do Men Cheat?

Why You Should Never Blame Yourself When a Man Cheats on You There are many reasons a man might cheat on you in a relationship, and you should never assume that it is your fault, or feel that perhaps you could have done more to prevent it. If you constantly …

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10 Tips: How To Impress A Girl

1 Be Natural If there is one thing that will put a girl off a bloke fast, it is when the guy feels he can’t be himself and needs to be someone better in order to impress her. Often a guy’s interpretation of “better” isn’t entirely on the mark anyway, …

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10 Signs You Have a Controlling Boyfriend

1 A Controlling Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Your Friends This is one of the telltale beginning signs that you have a potentially controlling boyfriend. A normal boyfriend may not get along with your friends, but he will make an effort to socialize or listen to you talk about them because they …

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