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Online Chatting As A Way To The Girl’s Heart

We all notice how digitalization changes the way we live, communicate and spend time together. It becomes quite difficult for some people to find their life-long crushes and spend the rest of their days with them only because we have not yet adjusted to the new online realities. Today, communication …

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5 Ways to Know if He is a Keeper

Afterglow from an amazing date can easily be lost.  Just as quickly as you believe it was an amazing evening when you look back you have to wonder is he the one, is he a keeper.  There are the simple things like etiquette and manners but there are also ways …

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Navigating long distance relationships

How to Survive Long Distance Dating In the modern world, there are many different kinds of relationship but, without a doubt, the one which attracts the most discussion and speculation is the long distance relationship. Although some couples choose to conduct their relationship long distance, many others find themselves having …

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What Do Women Find Attractive

What do women want? Why is it that women interested in a certain type of man? Is it a mystery? We all think that a man plays an active role in choosing a partner! That’s not exactly true! The majority of psychologists stated that a man actually chooses his partner …

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How To Please A Woman In Bed

The question of physical satisfaction is always relevant for men and women. The art of seduction, satisfaction and the art of role-playing games should be mastered by everyone, who want to enjoy sexual life. According to statistics, only 25 percent of women are satisfied with their sex life. It sounds …

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Top 7 Online Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes

Following the latest trends, people of different ages and characters go online in searches of a perfect match. Indeed, online dating offers numerous benefits. However, not everyone knows how to use those properly. That’s why we gathered the top 7 mistakes any guy should avoid. Discover with Romance Compass Russian …

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