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8 Things You Can Do When You Turn 18

Vote: Voting is perhaps the most important privilege that comes with reaching 18. Don’t take this lightly.  Find out who wants to run your town, state and country and make informed choices.  Voting creates a government that represents the people and their will.  Beyond choosing representatives for the next term, …

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66 Cool Nail Designs For Spring

Spring is here and it’s time to show off those nails. Nails can be the best accessory you have -the finishing touch to the perfect outfit.   Let’s look at some of the most on-trend nails designs for spring. Geometry Class: You have seen geometric patterns on jewelry, clothes and bags …

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How to Cut your Own Hair

Let’s face it; going to the hairdressers every couple of weeks is an expensive business. If you’re struggling to afford your regular hair maintenance trips then you may have considered cutting your own hair. It’s a risky decision. After all, unless you’re trained in the art of cutting hair, there …

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10 Tips: How To Impress A Girl

1 Be Natural If there is one thing that will put a girl off a bloke fast, it is when the guy feels he can’t be himself and needs to be someone better in order to impress her. Often a guy’s interpretation of “better” isn’t entirely on the mark anyway, …

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