The Big Secret: Find Out How To Turn a Girl On

What’s The Big Secret?

Did you know that there is one simple piece of information that you need to know in order to become a top seduction artist in the game of dating? It’s true! If you want the secret to being able to turn any girl on, then carry on reading…

This is what guys think…

  1. The art of seduction is complicated.
  2. Women are complicated.
  3. Men and women are from completely different planets – and that complicates things!

In many ways, these three assumptions can be entirely true – but the only truth you need to think about, is that things are only complicated if you make them complicated. Take a simple approach, and essentially you will take control and get what you want, which is the girl!

So what’s the big secret? How do you turn on any girl? Well, let me tell you – You make her feel like she is the only girl in the world for you! It’s as simple as that. Everyone wants to feel desired, special and unique. Even you want to feel desired and special! If a girl suddenly starts to make you feel like you are the best at everything you do, and that you are the only one who can make her feel as good as she feels when she is around you, it would be a pretty effective ego-boost, wouldn’t it? Well, that is exactly what you have to do for her, if you want to turn her on, immediately! Women love to feel special.

How To Turn a Girl On

So How Do You Treat Her Like She is the only girl in The World?

It is all about the quality of the time that you give her. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to constantly be chasing a girl or giving her everything she wants in order to make her feel special. Instead, focus on what it is that you do to make her feel appreciated – When you are with her, and when you aren’t.

The perfect example is – learning to really listen to a girl when she has a problem. If a girl is upset, excited, or wants to share any kind of emotion or experience with you, make sure you are ready to give her your full and genuine attention, if you want to show her you really appreciate the fact that she is sharing herself with you.

The problem, of course, is that most men don’t have the same idea as most women as to what makes a good listener…

How To Listen To a Woman

Learning to listen to a woman is more than just lending your ear, you must engage too! But a common mistake that most men make, and which leads to many disagreements and fallouts, is when you think that ‘listening’ involves also coming up with solutions. Don’t make this mistake!

Women don’t often need or want you to solve their problems. All they want is for you to listen and understand how they feel. Period. Problem solving is not the same as empathy. Men have a tendency to be proactive when they have a problem and instantly look for ways to resolve it, in order to put an end to the problem; but for women, talking is often part of their female process of working out how they feel about something. At this point they are not necessarily looking for resolutions, they just want to be free to express what they think and how they are feeling. All they want from you is empathy.

If you want to make your woman feel loved, understood, and valued, then let her talk, and resist trying to take action to create resolutions for her – Unless she has specifically asked for them! Otherwise, you may end up being accused of overlooking how she feels, and then in turn accused for not listening.

Annoying – I know – But trust me, if you can learn to listen the female way, a woman is much more likely to want to open up to you, and feel closer to you as a result. And the first step to turning a woman on is establishing trust!

Sexy Tip: Make listening to your woman sexy by creating a sensual and relaxing environment for you both to chill out in while she opens up. A little bit of wine, soft music and one or two scented candles will really help her to connect with you on her own feminine level. Looking into her eyes and lots of nodding also helps.

tun a girl on

Show Her That You Think About Her All of The Time!

This is the easiest thing to do, but for some reason guys are really rubbish at letting a girl know she is in his thoughts. If a girl knows you are randomly thinking about her during the day, not only will she feel flattered, but she will also feel special and unique, because out of all the girls in the world – she is the one who is capturing your attention, and ultimately your heart.

How do you do it? Text her in the morning to say hello, call her in the afternoon from work to ask for her opinion, turn up on her doorstep in the evening for a goodnight kiss! It’s the little things that will capture a girl’s attention. And when a girl knows she is valued and a part of your everyday thoughts, she is much more easy to arouse, when the time is right!

But What About The “Sexy” Stuff?

I know what you’re thinking – I want to find out how to turn her on in the bedroom! Well, it all starts with the kiss. First you must make her feel like a princess and show her you value her as a person so that she can trust in you completely; and then you must make her feel like you want her, desperately! It is that feeling of sexual desire from you that will turn her on.

Find Out How To Kiss A Girl and Really Turn Her On

So far it has been all about giving the girl your 5 star treatment. Now that she knows exactly what she means to you, and she’s feeling pretty confident in herself, it is time to give her the kiss that will leave her gasping for more.

Remember Boys – Less is more!

When you first go in to kiss her, you must maintain that special treatment, and make her feel like you’re the luckiest guy on the planet to have this opportunity. You can do it with the way you look into her eyes and the way you gently touch her face. Then you move into a kiss that is both gentle and intense, but the trick is to leave her wanting more!

If you can convey through your kiss that not only is she special, but she is also irresistible, and then manage to pull yourself away because you respect her – what you will have is a girl who can’t believe her luck. She will be so turned on at the thought of finding Mr. Right, who desires her and respects her at the same time, she will probably place all of her morals into a box and hand herself to you on a silver platter!

Remember: All a girl wants is three things…

  1. To be valued
  2. To be desired
  3. To be respected

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