Beat the heat in style this summer

Summer can be an uncomfortable time. The sun beating down on us and the high temperatures can make it an unpleasant time for everyone. It’s a task stepping out in the heat and the only recourse is the constant air-conditioning that we subject ourselves too.

But, air-conditioners are not too good to the planet. They are known sources of harmful emissions that can severely affect our atmosphere, opening the door to greater harm. There are of course simple ways to help us bear the onslaught of the summer sun, but one can never really beat nature at its own game.

So, are we all destined to grin and bear it? To endure the onslaught and seek recourse in the little joys that help us get through the unpleasant heatwaves that drain every last bit of energy from our bodies? To remain imprisoned in air-conditioned spaces and keeping our interaction with the outdoors to a minimum? Not really.


On a side note, if you do step out, make sure you do it in style! Here are 5 tips to stay comfortable in your sandals this summer!


Or we could simply choose to relocate for the summer! Find temperate paradises where the sun is more bearable and nature a lot more beautiful and forgiving. Travelling away for the summer is a great recourse available to all of us and a lovely way to see different enchanting destinations in the world.

Edinburg, Scotland

Summertime in Scotland is a pleasant time to visit this beautiful place. It may not be one of the cheapest locations you can find, but it makes up with picturesque views, intriguing history and a lovely climate. The temperature is comfortable and the long sunshine days make it a pleasure to stay outdoors and explore the many things to do. The many festivals during this period form an added attraction. Some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry head out to Scotland to headline and perform in many of the summer festivals held here.

Mexico City, Mexico

An unlikely destination you would think. But no, Mexico City is an attractive place to be in during the summers. The temperatures are mild and the sun shares with you just the right bit of heat to make staying out a success. You can expect a few mild rain showers though, but they just add to the charm of things here. Step out with an umbrella and you are covered both for style, the sun and the rain. And come May it starts getting affordable too, as most of the tourists start heading away to skip the showers.

National Parks

The US’ National Parks are great destinations too. Some of the more popular ones draw in quite a number of nature enthusiasts from all around. Not all of them are summer destinations however and we’d suggest you choose the ones with the mountains over the ones near the deserts!


These are but three options, well the third one is a whole host of options in itself, but we’ll let that slide. If you are truly interested in doing some research we are sure you can come up with many more ideas to add to this list. So, this summer heed your wanderlust and head out to the world.

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