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Meet the Hot Guys of The Vampire Diaries

Say what you want about The Vampire Diaries but one thing is for absolute certain – over the course of its run so far, the show has introduced us to some mighty fine looking men and women. The hot guys of The Vampire Diaries are among the hottest guys ever seen on …

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Meet the Hot Girls of The Vampire Diaries

In my always humble opinion, The Vampire Diaries has one of the sexiest casts on television. The men are beautiful. The women are beautiful. It’s a show full of beautiful, often bloody, people. I’m perfectly okay with that. The women I’ve chosen as the 10 hottest women on The Vampire Diaries are …

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Lose Weight in a Week!

Let me start this off by being very, very honest. It is possible to lose weight in a week if you put in the effort but you need to be realistic about it. You aren’t going to shed 50 – 60 lbs in a week unless you undergo some sort …

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How to Be a Good Kisser

My first kiss was nothing special. He was nervous. I was nervous. It was terrible. I was convinced I was going to do something wrong. I think he was probably convinced of the same thing. I remember feeling like our entire relationship came down to that one moment and the …

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The Hottest Layered Haircuts for Long Hair of 2013

I love layered haircuts for long hair. A good layered haircut gives your hair body, bounce and accentuates your best features. There are lots of different ways you can go with layered haircuts for long hair which means you should have no problem finding a style that perfectly suits you. …

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