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How The Internet Has Changed Dating

Dating has greatly changed over the years. First, it was only seen prudent if the guy asked the girl out. Then over the years’ girls starting being more proactive and asking guys out. Somewhere in between those times people even started setting each other up on blind dates. However, it …

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How To Find Your Perfect Match

The most severe problem that most lonely people face is their inability to find a match for building long-term and happy relationships. If to think about it, there is nothing surprising. The pace of life constantly increases, many of us work long hours in the offices and then commute back …

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How to Deal With Homesickness in College

The thought of leaving home for college as a freshman is exciting, scaring and sometimes mixed feelings creep in. Even at that, you cannot stop fantasizing about all the things you are longing to do independently, but immediately you get to college you sink with homesickness. That freedom you eagerly …

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4 Health Benefits you’ll get from Playing Roller Derby

Roller derby has been gaining in popularity over the last few years and is slowly, but surely, becoming more and more mainstream. If you ever thought playing roller derby looked intimidating, you shouldn’t, as there are many levels you could be playing at and you don’t necessarily have to start …

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