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100 Back Tattoo Ideas For Girls (With Pictures & Meaning)

Ladies! Looking to get yourself a gorgeous back tattoo? Back tattoos range from teensy tiny to a whole back piece, and what you end up getting depending on your personality, desires, and pain threshold! We’ve found some of the most gorgeous back tatts on the planet for you to have …

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100 Free Printable Tattoo Designs For Beginners

If you are struggling for inspiration the best way to find some is through browsing the web to find something that really speaks to you. When you’ve found something you like you can easily print out the design and show your friends, family and even tattooist to see what they …

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100 Amazing Lowrider Tattoo Designs Ideas

Lowrider tattoos designs are part of the Chicano culture. These designs are named after lowrider cars, which are often depicted in the designs. Lowrider tattoos are often done in grayscale meaning they’re only in black and  shades of grey. These tattoos shows off the Latin culture of life, death, and …

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What Tattoo Should I Get [100 Ideas]

So you want to get a tattoo? Once you made that decision the next big question is; what tattoo should I get? Should you get a cute animal tattoo or some kind of meaningful quote or symbol? A tattoo is forever so you need to make sure that before you …

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100 Cute Polyvore Outfits For Girls

Polyvore is this crazy cool website where you can use a tool that you download. it’s mainly used by girls to put clothing together and talk. On Polyvore, each item includes a link in its description back to where it was originally found on the interweb. Here are 100 outfits …

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100 Angry Panther Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

Reow! Hands up who likes the baddest cat of them all, the panther? Angry panther tattoos show that the wearer is fierce and strong – just like our fav big cat, the panther. Get some inspiration here for your next tatt – we guarantee you’ll find a panther you like …

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