A Quick Guide To What To Pack For College

Ah, college – the penultimate of your student life. Sure, you might find the need to undergo a master’s degree or doctorate, but college is – and always will be – your stepping stone. It is the time in your life when you are mature enough to steer clear from stuff you always do in secondary school.  And while you may have an idea or two about what college life can look like, you might have been too excited to know what stuff to bring.

Well, worry no more – this article got you covered. This guide can help you understand which things you should bring. And while they can vary from one student to another, it can still be a good template to follow. So, without further ado, here they are!


Until a person on this planet is able to invent a pocket-sized cold fusion reactor, you will need batteries. And in case you have not thought about it, power outages can happen in your dorms. It is part of college life, though. Still, it is better to be prepared than sorry. You just never know what is going to happen!


You are entering college and it does not matter what course you are taking. Even if you are Literature major, you will find calculators a blessing in disguise. Why? That is because you are going to undergo a number of mathematics subjects, such as Trigonometry, Algebra, and Physics, just to name a few. Pretty much like batteries, it is better to be prepared.


This one right here, though, will depend on what you are expecting to do at school. Let’s say you are more focused on things related to computer or programming language. As such, you want to bring not just a laptop but also the items needed. This includes, but not limited to, mouse, keyboard, and extra cables. The same thing can be said if you are majoring in law and attempting to become an attorney at a reputable firm like Batson Nolan law firm.

Hair Removal Device 

Whether you agree or not, you will need this. If possible, select the device that comes with an IPL technology since this can be extremely helpful to you on a daily basis. Keep in mind that college life will entail lots of social gatherings among friends and classmates. Obviously, you want to look as presentable and gorgeous as possible. Let’s say you are planning to remove some underarm hair, this device can be of huge help. And if you make friends, you will know that you will need more of these devices.


Do not just bring notebooks, bring extra notebooks. You just never know what sort of stuff you will be writing, so it is better to have extras. Besides, you cannot always rely on your laptop to write or save things. Notebooks are your go-to items when trying to write down important stuff.

Push Pins 

Want to find out what is the proper way of affixing paper to your corkboard? It is not through shuriken but by using push pins. These are perfect in college life.

Small Whiteboard 

This one here is perfect for a lot of reasons. For starters, you can practice equations here. You can also perfect your calligraphy by using this item. Or, if you want, you can write a reminder like taking the trash out. Its usefulness is just endless!

Sticky Notes 

College life is all about juggling stuff. It might be hard for you to stay on the loop about something, so consider bringing some sticky notes with you. You can use them as reminders for your grocery lists or a way to save notes for whatever school/office supplies you will need. The possibilities are unfathomable, so to speak.


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