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Time has brought about a multitude of different types of exercise. Some have been nothing more than a fad, popular today, forgotten tomorrow. Others, however, have remained at the peak of popularity for many years. Some have even become more popular now than they were when first introduced. Some of the exercises that are used in today’s world were created from necessity. Common reasons for creating a new type of exercise may include rehabilitating a particular injury, body part, or illness. It could be with a particular career in mind. The possibilities are numerous. There are also exercises that have been imported from other cultures and countries. One of the best examples of the latter is yoga. This particular type of exercise originated in India and is actually much more than mere exercise. For those who stay true to the original, it is more of a lifestyle. Like most things, there are specific types of clothing that are worn when practicing yoga. Since it was first introduced in America, new yoga clothing has been introduced. Over the years, this clothing has changed and adapted to better suit different needs. While the primary goal of yoga clothing is to be functional, many people enjoy looking at it as a fashion statement. Here, we will take a look at various yoga fashions and how functional each type is or is not.

There are several different pieces of yoga wear to consider. To begin, let’s take a look at the different variations of yoga tops. For women, there are four basic options, sports bras, tank top, t-shirt, and long sleeve shirt. Within the last three categories, there are several subcategories. For men, there are three options, t-shirt, tank top, or shirtless. Each option has its own benefits and downfalls. To understand which ones are best, it is vital to fully analyze each option. Some are purely fashionable and not at all functional, some are perfectly functional but not at all fashionable, and some find a nice balance between the two.

First, take a considered look at women’s options starting with the sports bra. As far as functionality goes, the sports bra is often an incredibly practical option. It is unrestrictive, so there is no concern over being able to move freely. It is also excellent in terms of heat. Any time you are exercising, you will get hot and sweaty. Many types of clothing tend to add to the heat and trap the sweat against the skin. This is not a problem with a sports bra as it leaves most areas of skin uncovered. In terms of fashion, there are many different styles you can choose from. Some are quite basic and others have fancy straps, patterns, and colors. There are quite a few companies that specialize in fashionable sports bras.

The next type of top to consider is the tank top. Within this category are several different versions to choose from. Some are loose, some are form fitted, some are long, some are short. There are also different straps to choose from. There are these noodle straps, basic tank top straps, and wide straps.  You can almost all of these variations for both men and women. As far as fashion is concerned, you can find many different colors and patterns as well as crisscrossed straps and other specifics to make it more fashionable. Beyond fashion, tank tops are often practical as well. The biggest downfall with loose fitting tank tops is that they tend to ride up when performing certain movements. Form fitted ones do not do this, but some people find them constricting. Of course, if you find a shirt made of a stretchy and breathable material, constriction should not be an issue. Tank tops are a great choice for both men and women.

Up next is the t-shirt. This is a classic option that many people of any gender choose when preparing for an exercise session. Many t-shirts are loose fitting which comes with the same potential problem as a loose fitting tank top, it can ride up. Of course, they are also easy to move in and quite comfortable. Another option is a form fitted t-shirt. This gives the same basic benefits of a loose t-shirt without the risk of it riding up with certain movements. Beyond the options of loose or form fitting, there is also the choice of sleeve length. There are cap sleeves, regular short sleeves, three quarter length sleeves, and long sleeves. There are very few people that prefer long sleeves for the simple fact that it is often too many coverages, too hot for most types of exercise. Cap sleeves are incredibly similar to wide straps on a tank top. In the end, it all comes down to preference.  On the fashion side, t-shirts are rather versatile. There are different necklines, different lengths, and a multitude of colors and patterns. There are also graphic t-shirts to consider. The t-shirt is a classic for both women and men.

Next is the men’s option of going shirtless. There are several things to consider here. First, if you are attending a class, you will need to begin by checking the rules of the class. Some classes have a rule about whether or not a man can be shirtless. This same rule is also often applied to women who prefer wearing only a sports bra. If you are practicing on your own, in your home, it is up to you to determine if this is a good option for you. It leaves little to the fashion side but is often described as freeing.


There are also several different types of bottoms to consider, but there is not as much to consider there fashion wise as there is with a top. Most people opt for leggings, exercise shorts, or tights. If none of these sound good to you, try yoga pants. There is also a Capri variation of leggings to consider. All of these options come in a variety of colors and many also offer interesting patterns.

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