9 Signs You Are Ready for a New Relationship

Love is what makes our life bright and meaningful. People get used to this opinion while growing up. Some of us feel incomplete without relationships. Very often, men start looking for love right after a painful breakup to escape depression. Is that right? We would argue. Your happiness depends on a wide range of factors, and just falling in love won’t solve all your problems. Discover 9 signs it is time to meet new ladies for love!

  1. You know who you are

Looking for a new partner, start with yourself. A harmonious relationship involves two grown persons, and it’s not about the biological age. It’s all about understanding your own nature: strong and weak points, goals and values, what you are ready to give to your mate. True love comes when you find your true self.

  1. You have the clear idea of what you want

If you don’t imagine what qualities you want in a prospective partner, your search will be endless. Having a crush on somebody is fun. But it’s barely possible to stay with a random girl for a long time. Compatibility is what makes your relationship successful. Set your preferences right before going to dating websites.

  1. Your life is full of impressions

Self-sufficiency matters a lot. A healthy relationship becomes possible only if you fulfill your potential. This implies the quality of your social life, professional gains, leisure time activities etc. Make sure that you don`t look for love to fill any gaps. Don’t hope that new dates will save you from boredom and dissatisfaction.

  1. You feel comfortable about being single

How often do we try to compensate the fear of loneliness? Although meeting new people seems to be a perfect solution, it doesn’t cure the problem itself. If you tend to change partners monthly, it may be the sign you just try to compensate your fears. Instead of worrying, think of your opportunities when your heart is free.

  1. You don’t hold on to the memories of your past relationship

Any of us has ever been addicted to “someone special”. As time goes by, we often realize that was nothing but a rush. If you suffer from the past breakup, don’t try to substitute this pain with love. It doesn’t work, seriously. Take a pause and draw your attention to some other activities.

  1. You learn from your mistakes

When something depressing happens to us, the best thing we can do is to learn from this situation. Accumulate experience! Recall your previous love stories. What was wrong about those? What should you do to avoid failures in the future? To save your new relationship from a sad ending, you must know the potential risks.

  1. You value personality over appearance

This is a never-ending debate: should your girlfriend be rather beautiful or rather smart? Set your priorities right. A splendid profile picture doesn’t guarantee she is kind, or clever, or compassionate. Appearance is important, but not critical. Judge people by their deeds and character traits – and you will find a good match.

  1. You aren’t in a desperate search

Some people are eager to meet a new lover as soon as possible. And what for? They may seek kind of entertainment, support, passion, or whatever else. Again, don’t try to fix your inner problems in this way. Otherwise, you will end up dating the first available lady who may not be right for you at all.

  1. You accept that people are different

Face the truth: there are no universal recipes for healthy relationships. Likewise, there are no ideal candidates for you. Every girl has her own dark side. People generally don’t change, so you must learn how to deal with possible issues. Keep in mind: true love requires constant working.


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