7 Types of Girls You Should Better Avoid

You have probably encountered numerous article titles as “Types of men you should NEVER date” or even were (or are) one of these guys that women avoid. Well, today we are here to dispel this ridiculous myth and prove that girls can likewise be annoying and intimidating. In the ear, where women demand the same rights for both genders (!), getting rid of such stereotypes is exceedingly important. With the help of our gorgeous and self-ironic friends from Romance Compass Russian dating site, we have gathered seven types of girls you should better avoid. Keep on reading to find out!

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  1. Attention Seekers

These hysterical individuals will always act provocatively, trying to draw everyone’s attention to themselves. And you got it right if you think that it would look awkward and stupid. Her outfits are too showy, she acts like nobody’s around even though she knows exactly that there are people looking at her, talks too loudly, and all this turns into a perpetual masquerade where you only play supportive roles. However, some men love such individualities for some unknown reasons.

  1. Always-there-for-you

Everyone needs time and space for his or her private life. And by “private”, we do not mean dating and sex – it’s all about spending time on you own. These girls are not going to give even a minute to miss them – they are always close to you, literally or figuratively. When she’s not around, she calls and texts you like you were apart for ages. Most of such girls were cheated on in previous relationships and now they are trying to secure themselves in such a bizarre way.

  1. Regina George

Not sure if all men here have seen 2004’s Mean Girls, so let’s explain something. Regina is a type of girl that sees no obstacles to becoming a queen bee. She is needlessly rude and cynical, bumping into her means making the worst nemesis you ever had. In relationships, she’s selfish and arrogant, playing only by her rules and manipulating her boyfriends permanently.

  1. Mother Goose

This thoughtful and kind-hearted creature surrounds you with care and attention, eventually becoming your second mother. She combs your hair, tucks in your shirt, feeds you healthily (or unhealthily, if you insist). You will feel comfortable and happy for some time. However, her attention will become maniacal and obtrusive as the time goes by. Getting rid of such individual is almost impossible, as she does not understand how you can live without her care.

  1. Gold-digger

Lucky enough, you would indeed see such woman from a mile away. Her main interest is financial prosperity, thrive is the meaning of her life. Would you judge anyone in the modern world for such mindset? Surely not, unless she becomes your financial burden. Letting her put her hand on your heart (and wallet) means cherishing a viper in bosom.

  1. Emotional Void

Girls are believed to be much more emotional than guys are (which is not always so) and this person is fully responsible for this odd opinion. She bursts out with outraging emotions every time something goes not her way or offends her. In most cases, the lack of emotional stability hides deep down in her consciousness in a form of a severe disorder.

  1. Control Freak

This individual has something in common with Mother Goose and Always-there-for-you but she takes everything to an entirely new level, making your life truly unbearable – because she has different intentions, cruel ones. She catches your every breath; she knows the meaning of your every facial expression, she keeps an eye on your social networks on the Internet. This woman will devour you and never let you out. And the worst thing that you may eventually like her psychological control over you.

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