7 Tips for Planning a Group Trip to New York City

Visiting a city like New York City has been a sought-out vacation idea for many people across the world. Though it can be exciting to travel here on your own, traveling in a group could lead to an even more satisfying experience. This city has millions of visitors every year so it is quite popular for tourists to have NYC as their vacation destination. This also means it isn’t difficult to get to New York and find activities to do.

Many celebrities find New York City to be their destination for high-end dining and designer shopping. There are also many places to experience art in this city. You want to keep your options open and be adventurous to enjoy the true culture of New York.

When planning a group trip it can be frustrating and lead to stress. Planning a vacation or trip can be something that requires a lot of time and effort. Money is a large factor as well. You want to make sure that your trip is one with experiences. A smooth group trip must begin with the planning process, here are some tips on planning a group trip to NYC.

1. Research

The first thing you must do is research. Research is important for any destination and vacation type. It is all about getting to know your destination a little to have an idea about what you are getting into. Before you visit a city or place you want to have a small connection with it to help you emerge into the new culture. Research the possible activities, weather, cuisine and more to know what your trip will entail. Planning a group trip is easier if everyone does their own research.

2. Make a list of everyone’s desired activities

Lists are crucial to remaining organized before and during your trip. When it comes to everyone’s desires and needs you want to make sure everyone feels heard and recognized for their ideas. Compile a list of activities everyone want to do and use democratic methods to determine where you guys will spend your time. This will help keep bickering and frustrations low as everyone’s needs and wants have either been met or acknowledged.

This can be difficult depending on the time you have and the number of people in your group. Trying to find room to fit in certain activities for specific people may not be possible while you are in New York. So it is a good thing to have votes on what activities made the cut and what didn’t.

You can utilize lists throughout your trip as well to help you understand certain things and help you stay organized. You can make lists of packing needs, food and restaurant types, landmarks, ideas, and more.

3. Create a budget

Your budget should be something you take a significant amount of time to figure and map out. In fact, go download a free budget template online that can help you manage your funds as efficiently as possible. There are multiple things you must include in your budget, for example, transportation is something you must factor in along with:

  • Accommodations
  • Food
  • Activities
  • Shopping
  • Clothing
  • And other things you may want to do in NYC


Creating a budget is something everyone going on the trip should do on their own as well. It is smart to combine the totals of everyone to get an idea of what kind of money you will have to spend while in New York. Consider the circumstances of you and your group’s financial situation to help determine what limits you can have on certain things. Make sure to leave room in your budget for spontaneous activities and emergency situations, as well. Your trip is about exploring and having fun, make room in your budget for that.

4. Decide on a well-fitting accommodation

Accommodations come in various types. You have different options to choose from when it comes to finding a place to stay while you are on your trip. There are plenty of hotels in New York City, but those can get extremely pricey, especially if you are traveling in a group. You may find discounts and deals for groups at certain locations, but you still want to make sure you are being smart about your budget.

There are also home rentals and hostels available for visitors in NYC. these may be cheaper options and be more comfortable for your group. Renting a house would make it easier to keep track of everyone and spend quality downtime together.

5. Rent a bus for comfortable transportation

Busses are great for group travel. It is why they were created in the first place, so why not utilize an entire bus for your trip? Not only will you all be more comfortable but you will all arrive at your destination at the same time. There are even charter buses specific to New York City travel. You will find many benefits of having ample space to move around and enjoy quality time with your group while on the road. You will also be helping eliminate pollution when you decide to use a bus for your trip.

6. Be ready to walk

When in New York you will be walking more than you usually do. Prepare yourself for the amount of time you will spend walking around exploring and getting to and from your destinations. Make sure you and your group understand the etiquette that comes with walking on the NYC sidewalks. It can be easy to become stiff and frightened by the crowds of New York. Try to rememeber that the people are friendly and will offer you the assistance of direction if needed.

7. Communicate

Communication is key to maintaining a smooth trip with your group. There will be a lot going on in this big city and you will need to make sure your entire group is on the same page. That means incorporating group chats and designated meetups to make sure everyone receives the information needed.

Miscommunication leads to confusion and conflict. To avoid unnecessary problems try to make sure you are talking and sharing information with each other. Whether your group ends up splitting up throughout the trip or sticking together, you will need to make sure all means of communication are open. Make sure everyone has their mobile devices charged and the contact information of everyone in the group.

8. Leave room for flexibility

Flexibility should be required when you are taking a trip to a new destination. You want to leave room for spontaneous activities and emergencies. There are times on your trip where things may not go to plan and you want to be prepared for what comes next. Overplanning leads to disappointment and if you want to enjoy your trip, you should limit the number of things you want to plan out. Try not to focus on every detail of every activity or place to allow room for actual enjoyment.

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