7 Tips for Organizing Baby Boy Clothes

Aren’t you already tired from all day cleaning and organizing your baby’s clothes around the home? You don’t have to declutter each week only to keep things in order.


Keeping your baby’s clothes organized is not only about allowing or not things to pile up on top of the dressers. It is about keeping them organized all the time. You have to store everything in a way which allows you to reach items fast and easy without not knowing where each of them is. Next time you get a bunch of cute trendy baby boy clothes from best sellers with discounts, don’t rush to the wardrobe to pile everything together. Reorganize it. How? Let’s have a look.

How to Organize Baby Clothes

If you are messing with your baby’s clothes all the time, the following tips will be definitely helpful. It doesn’t require the fortune to make your baby’s room look clean and organized. Just a few simple steps and voila!


  1. Find the right dresser. The most convenient way to store baby clothes is by having a dresser with four or six drawers. If you don’t have this piece of furniture in your baby’s room, you can easily find something suitable on sale almost all year round. So, definitely consider the idea of having a big dresser.
  2. Sections. Pick a different section in the drawer (by dividing it with a plastic box) or a separate drawer (if you have a nice selection of clothes) for different clothes. For example, the first drawer is for the bodysuits, the second drawer is for the tops, etc. Or the first drawer is for the tops and bottoms and the second drawer is for the diapers, etc. This helps to see the variety of clothes your baby owns.
  3. Fold everything. The method of folding your clothes works not only for your own wardrobe but for your baby’s wardrobe as well. Folding helps to save more space in the drawer. If you don’t know how to fold correctly, you can find tons of recommendations on this from a famous Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo online.
  4. Keep socks separately. Baby socks are tiny, so they get lost easily. To avoid this, keep them separately rolled one inside the other. It will make the process of finding the right pair of socks so much easier.
  5. Create your own categories. You can categorize clothes in any way you like most – by seasons, patterns, colors, etc. Just make sure it is convenient enough for you to find the right piece within seconds.
  6. Store fancy clothes separately on the hangers. We’re talking about those items your baby wears on special occasions only – birthday, Christmas, or family photoshoot.
  7. Keep the accessories separately. Hats and mittens shouldn’t be kept with tops and bottoms. If you have more than a few hats, categorize them by seasons too.

Following these seven steps allows you to create a really good system of organizing your baby’s clothes without the need to do a spring cleaning every week. So, don’t wait. Start decluttering and organizing right now.


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