7 Elegant Safety Razor Travel Cases to Use in 2018

There comes a time in a teen’s life when he must take a long trip and shave while he’s away. Your shaving ritual now reaches a new level. You need to adjust it to the hotel you’ll stay in, which offers different possibilities than your home bathroom. So, if you’re days away from packing your bags, it’s time to consider shaving and start looking for a safety razor case.

Imagine arriving to destination late in the evening and you must look sharp for the next days. Maybe you didn’t have time to remove your beard or you’re in between shave. Either way, now you must find your favorite razor product in a different state – or worse, a different country. It’s exhausting, it takes time and might not even end successfully. Meanwhile, the safety razor blade saves you of this effort and keeps your favorite tools at hand. This is your guide to shaving while you’re away from home.

Genuine Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Zippered Travel Case

Feeling elegant yet? This is a leather safety razor case with compartments for blades that Parker Safety Razor gear producer successfully developed. This product is about premium design, storage and functionality. You can find the case also featured on Shaving Solution for its positive reviews.

The case can hold a safety razor and a pack of blades. It is made with genuine YKK zippers to protect its content even under pressure. The craftsmanship of the case is impressive and long-lasting. Also, the case can fit all standard safety razors with handles below 5 inches.

Sheep Napa Leather Case for Double Edge Safety Razor

Premier Rasage is also a manufacturer with a well-known reputation. The brand developed the best safety razor case from authentic sheep Napa leather, and has died and tanned it with natural salts. Your safety razor will fit into a tiny luggage space, while looking business elegant.

It’s soft and comes with a compartment for blade storage. The case can fit standard and long handle razors, while leaving no seams. Amazon users also praise it for protecting your fingers while you open it.

VIKINGS BLADE Safety Razor Kit

If you enjoy business outfits and dressing in a suit as a young entrepreneur, then this 3-piece kit could be your perfect accessory. It contains a Chieftain safety razor, Swedish platinum blades and a case to fit them. It might be a bit heavy, but it’s smooth and easy to handle.

The kit includes a mirror and alcantara lining. You place the razor in a butterfly which comes with a safety feature – it doesn’t open unless the blade is aligned at a 90-degree angle. The Viking or hipster inside you will be impressed by this product, which comes with an international lifetime warranty.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Carrying Case

Elegance has many faces. Khanka has released a safety razor case for the metrosexual inside you who believes in the smart style of flawless and functional casual outfits. This case is all about performance and fits both long handled razors and double edge products.

The case comes with a mesh pocket and a classic easy to open and close zipper. This product is durable and comes with butterfly openings for both types of razors. The case is made of premium EVA material.

BAILI Luxury Classic Men’s Double Edge Safety Razor

If luxury is your hobby, then the platinum safety razor case was designed for you. It turns shaving into art and razor storage in a performance. The product contains a mirrored razor case with butterfly twist-to-open, a premium razor and a platinum blade.

If you’re not convinced you can check the blade’s microcomb system design which reduces accidental cuts during shaving. The case is made of ABS to protect both the razor and the mirror. According to its manufacturers, the mirror contains HD glass for higher precision.

Naked Armor Safety Razor Case

Imagine a black stylish case which holds your razor using hand-stitched system with tight closing brass buckle. We also think it looks impressive. The brush travel case is safe and durable, and it contains a handcrafted razor.

The product fits razors and brushes up to 6 inches and comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can keep your razor and brush completely safe and isolated with this almost-universal case. It even works for disposable razors.

SimplyBeautiful Double Edge Safety Razor Case

Protecting the environment is stylish. The SimplyBeautiful safety razor case is made of faux leather and works perfectly for short razors. You can adjust the top of the case and play with the space you have left in your luggage.

The faux leather is thick and high-quality and contains a simple and balanced design.  This case is also excellent in terms of quality to price ratio.

Traveling with the Best Safety Razor Case

  • If you travel by train or car, you won’t have many issues. However, plane regulations consider blades to be weapons. You will have to keep them separately into your luggage.
  • Don’t place your safety razor case in your carry-on luggage. The purpose of the main luggage is that you don’t have access to it during your flight.
  • If you have universal cases and a smaller blade, you should store it in a luggage pocket. You wouldn’t want the blade or razor to move inside the case during the flight.

Flying Away

Your trip can be extra comfortable if you have the best safety razor case with you. Make sure your luggage includes all items you might need for a long trip and for the shaving experience itself!

Image Sources: Depositphotos.com.

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