5 Ways to Know if He is a Keeper

Afterglow from an amazing date can easily be lost.  Just as quickly as you believe it was an amazing evening when you look back you have to wonder is he the one, is he a keeper.  There are the simple things like etiquette and manners but there are also ways you can be sure.  Here are five things to look back on that may help in your decision.

  1. Was he where he said he would be and was he on time.

In today’s world of tech savvy people there really is no excuse for getting these wrong.  Between online reservations and gps devices in cars on phones and even in a watch these excuses should be a thing of the past.

  1. Was he dressed to impress.

A finely pressed shirt and tie verses a t shirt that was thrown on walking out the door can leave a lasting impression.  The comfort level of others can make or break an evening.  When you can be comfortable with yourself then those around you will naturally fall into their own comfort zone.  Nothing is worse than an awkward night with a person who didn’t even care to dress for the role of dater or datee.  Pay attention to details when going out.  Make sure your diamonds sparkle and your shoes are shined.

  1. Will you do it again?

There is that one person who is always able to leave you wanting more.  Will there or won’t there be a second date? Did you both leave the night willing to not only do it again but do it bigger and better.  An example may be the first date is each paying their own but for the second encounter hopefully he will pick up the tab.  This use to be the difference in a date or just a meeting up/hanging out encounter but not any more.  It can really be common for her to grab the tab if indeed he is worth it.  Depending on how you met be it online dating or chance encounter the weight of the second or third date is always on the table.

  1. Did he text you or call (the 24 hour reflex)

Based on movies or ever popular tv shows it is almost expected to hear back from him within 24 hours.  That really is a basis for if he feels the same way you felt at the end of the night.  Maybe it was a brief exchange over coffee where numbers were passed or even just hanging out either is acceptable for a text or call later.  Hopefully the evening was good enough you may even want to be the one reaching out with a thank you or a I had fun.  Even an emoji is acceptable now.  The bottom line is did you get or receive one at all.

  1. Is it now a memory or was it memorable

Was it a night to remember or forget?  The most simple things can make it turn into a fantastic date a memory to tell your children about.  The way he brushed over your hand holding your coffee or the way he watched your eyes as you talked.  It doesn’t have to be the jacket over the mud puddle to mean he is a keeper but a woman will always be a sucker for her prince.  Make sure he was one.  A memory fades with time and repetition so make that stand out moment play into your decision.


Ultimately only you know.  Only your thoughts on how the night went or how the date was can help you decide.  Like sands through the hourglass it can slip away just as fast as it came to be if both don’t agree that you have to see him again or you just may die.


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