5 tips for feeling less self-conscious about your smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and you deserve to show your smile off to the world. There is little more attractive than genuine happiness, plus 96% of people believe that a smile is important to a person’s appearance. However, we concede that often, it’s not easy to feel confident about your smile; therefore, we’ve compiled five of the best tips for feeling less self-conscious about it.

Become comfortable with your smile

Practice your smile in front of a mirror – this will help you to find angles that best compliment your features, and help you find confidence in your smile. This will also help you to become comfortable with smiling regularly. Developing a habit of smiling can lead to an increase in confidence.

Maintain good oral hygiene

Often, people are reluctant to smile as they feel they have something stuck in between their teeth following a meal, or they fear they have bad breath. Your mouth and oral hygiene are a window to your overall health, so by maintaining a good oral hygiene routine, you can keep your mouth fresh and clean. This will make you more confident in your smile.

Composite bonding

Composite bonding uses tooth-coloured composite resin to repair any broken, chipped or cracked teeth. In turn, this helps to improve the proportion of your smile, as any gaps will be filled and the shape of your teeth and be altered. This will lead to an uplift in confidence. Composite bonding is a simple procedure whereby a small amount of resin is applied to the affected tooth, sculpted to a desired shape as it sets so it covers and fills any damaged teeth. You’ll certainly never feel self-conscious about your smile again.



If you’re sporting a whiter and brighter smile, you’re far less likely to feel self-conscious about showing it off. There are a number of teeth-whitening products on the market, or you can even go for in-office options. Many people do buy tooth whitening home application kits in stores, however, supervised tooth whitening by a dental care professional can ensure a brighter looking smile, as well as full safety. 



Like composite bonding and professional tooth whitening, veneers are another viable cosmetic dentistry route. Veneers are thin shells composed of tooth-coloured materials, designed to cover the front side of teeth. Unlike bonding, with veneers, it is necessary to remove a small amount of enamel from your tooth to help accommodate the shell. Veneers are based on a model of your teeth and are carefully made to look completely natural.

From teeth bonding in London to teeth whitening on your high street, and practicing your smile in your bedroom, the previous tips can seriously help to boost your confidence. Plus a lift in self-esteem is not the only pro of showing of your smile. Smiling helps to elevate your mood and can reduce blood pressure. It also takes 26 muscles to smile – we challenge you to find a better form of exercise!

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