5 Dating Tips: What To Wear on a First Date

You have a first date with a guy you really like! Are you excited? Nervous? Happy? Relieved? Confused? Stressed? Okay, stop right now before you start to work yourself up with your apprehension and cancel the whole thing! Yes you have a big problem – What on earth are you going to wear? Well, it’s not actually a big problem; you just think it is. So I have listed 5 great dating tips to help you decide what to wear on your first date…

1 Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable Shoes

Many girls make the mistake of wearing the most ridiculous pair of heels they have in their closet on a first date. It might be because they are a new purchase and they haven’t had the opportunity to try them out then – what better an opportunity to try them out than a date, right? Wrong! Or it might be because high heels make them feel taller and more elegant, or slimmer, or perhaps they just go so well with the rest of the outfit. What you are not taking into account however are two things. Number one, how impractical they are, and number two, what the guy is going to think the moment he sees you in them. Heads up – he is going to assume you are a high maintenance girl, which is never a positive thing in a bloke’s eyes.

Tip: If the first thing a guy notices is your shoes, you’ve made the wrong choice. A guy’s normal reaction to your outfit is not going to be – wow I love your stilettoes – it is going to be – you look lovely – eyes directed at your face, or womanly assets!

Anyway, do you really want your attention to be focused on your growing bunions while you are being walked home, when you should be thinking about your goodbye kiss that’s fast approaching?

2 The Worst Pair of Knickers You Own!

Take a tip from Bridget Jones and go for the worst pair of knickers you have. Seriously, go for the yellowing, stained, granny knickers with the ripped lace edges! If this is your first date then you shouldn’t really want to take it to the bedroom immediately, because that would be a mistake. Don’t waste a perfectly good date by handing the guy what you think he wants on a plate! And even if you want it, have some restraint if you want a second date. Guys want a challenge, and they will definitely respect you more if you hold out for as long as you can before having sex with him. So get out those mangy knickers, and make sure you wear them to avoid any slip-ups!

3 The Right Bra

Taking the time to choose the right bra for the top or dress you are wearing can make all the difference. Men aren’t that clued in about bras to be honest, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what bra you a wearing. A bra can make the difference as to how your clothes fall on you, and even how you hold yourself. And how you hold yourself can affect your self-confidence and make you feel good. I bet you didn’t think a bra could do that much for you eh? Also, a nice bra can make you feel sexy, even when it isn’t on show, and that is always a good thing on a date! (But you still have to wear those awful knickers I’m afraid!)

What To Wear on a First Date

4 How To Do “Casual-Smart”

Perfecting the “casual-smart” look is a skill. It prepares you for every possible scenario, so that you don’t have to worry about feeling over or under dressed. Casual-smart makes you look relaxed, but simultaneously it shows you have made an effort. You can avoid looking too sexy, but know that you do look classy, which is a different kind of sexy, and the kind that guys actually prefer! So how do you do the casual-smart? Well it is all about being able to add touches of femininity and style to what would otherwise be an ordinary outfit. You can dress up smart trousers with a feminine blouse for example. You can dress up skinny jeans with a pair of sleek leather under–the-knee boots. You can dress a strappy frock down with flat ballet shoes and a thin cardigan. Don’t forget that the way you do your hair can also help to alter an outfit and give it that much-needed feminine edge. For example, wearing your hair up to reveal your neck and shoulder, with a few loose tassels can accentuate a feminine blouse and tone down a smart pair of trousers, resulting in a classy, sexy casual-smart look. Think too about your use of colour. Remember that soft, light colours are more feminine than harsh ones; but a splash of fun vibrant orange or pink can liven things up and add interest.

what to wear on first date

5 Accessories & Makeup

Your accessories and makeup aren’t important to a guy. He couldn’t care less whether you wear bangles or earrings, and guys never realize how much makeup some girls like to plaster their faces with; but your choice of accessories and makeup can say a lot about your personality, which is a good thing. It is always good to be proud and flaunt who you are. So never think that just because you are going on a first date that you have to go shopping to get lots of new accessories. Go through your closet and choose your favourite accessories to express yourself. And wear your normal makeup. You will feel much more comfortable, and be able to focus on the things that matter during your date – like getting to know your new guy! There is no point in adding to your nerves.

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