5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

While you don’t choose your family, you definitely choose your friends. Sometimes, your best friend is more like your brother or sister. He or she is one of the most important persons in your life. They are by your side for better or worse. This is why you need to show them that you care.

What better way to show somebody that you love them than giving them an interesting and lovely gift. In this article, you are going to find some awesome gifts perfect for your best friend. If you are searching for more gifts, check out Ten Gift Ideas. Here you can find the best suggestions of gifts for the ones you love.

1. Concert Tickets

If you are best friends you probably have a favorite music band. This is why you need to purchase concert tickets. This is also a gift for yourself. You can buy concert tickets for both of you to enjoy more time together. Pick his or her favorite band, even if you might not like them that much.

Also, you can make this a road trip. If the band doesn’t come to your hometown, book 2 concert tickets at the nearest city where they perform. You can take the car and take turns driving. If it is too far book 2 low-cost flight tickets and make this a small vacation. You don’t have to book a hotel, most of concert have an area for tents.

2. Polaroid Camera

If you want to have more photos together you might want to purchase a camera for your friend. This way, you can take photos every time you go to a concert or when you are out in the town. You can buy an instant camera which also give you the photos on the spot. You don’t need to go to a special location to get the photos off your camera.

3. Gym Membership

Friends who work out together stay together. This is why you might want to give your friend a gym membership to the place where you work out. Studies show that when you work out with a friend you are more likely to go to the gym and exercise. People who workout together give each other motivation to keep going.

You can go and get personalized towels to use at the gym. Make a ritual to go to the gym every morning or in the afternoon. This is a gift that helps both of you stay healthy and fit. If one of you is not in the mood for gym, the other one is going to convince him or her to go together and have fun while exercising.

4. Books

While it might seem like a boring gift, if your friend loves to read, this is an awesome idea. You can even give him or her an entire collection. You probably know all of the books he or she loves. Try a new book collection but in the same gender to make sure that they love it.

You can also include a journal along with the book. They can write their favorite quotes and expression from the books. You might also read the same books so that you can have another subject to talk about for hours.

5. Subscriptions to Netflix or Hulu

Another great gift for your best friend is a one-year subscription to Netflix or Hulu. He or she can enjoy a great movie or TV series. You can also make a habit to binge watch your favorite shows together. Go to their place with snacks and drinks and enjoy quality time with your friend. This is another great way to grow closer together.

Check to see which one of these subscriptions is the best for your friend. Look to see if they have your favorite shows and movies and make your friend happy. This is a great gift that will be appreciated for a long time. You can pick a subscription with 2 devices so that you can both watch on your own when you can’t meet.


These are just a few suggestions that might help you find the best gift for your friend. You already know what he or she loves, you just have to get creative. You can also check websites with DYI craft to amaze your best friend with a gift made entirely by you. Any gift will be appreciated by your best friend because they love you.


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