30 Amazing Prom Hairstyles & Ideas

When you’re trying to figure out a prom hairstyle, it can be harder than you first imagined. However, it’s more than doable so long as you put your best foot forward and know what you want. There are a few questions that you’ll want to ask yourself.

What to Ask Yourself:

There are a few things that you want to ask yourself before you decide to start picking out a hairdo for prom. Hairstyle is important, and hair can be changed to fit anything you need or want. Make sure to ask yourself these basic questions before you continue.Beautiful-Loose-Updos-Tutorial-Prom-Hairstyles Braid-Bun-Hairstyle-Prom-Hairstyles-Tutorials 10-Trendy-Prom-Updo-Hairstyles-Tutorials

  1. Do you want to change your hair color?

If you want to change your hair color, then you’ll want to make an appointment in enough time that your hair won’t show roots before the prom. However, a deep conditioning treatment is also recommended to keep your hair smooth. You can also add color streaks and highlights to your hair, but this isn’t necessary towards a hair style.

  1. Do you want to cut your hair?

If you have short hair or want to cut your hair, then you’ll want to find short hairstyles for prom. This is a little harder, but it is extremely doable. Remember to go with a length you won’t regret.

  1. Do you need hair extensions?

If you have short hairstyle and you don’t want short hair, then you can get hair extensions for prom. This will allow you to get longer hairstyles.

  1. Do you want your hair down?

This is an entirely different category of hairstyles that you need to look at for prom. You’ll find many pictures and ideas below.

  1. Do you want your hair up?

Putting your hair up is considerably popular for a prom hairstyle, and you need to ask yourself if you want your hair up. It can look stuffy or fun, depending on the style you pick.

  1. Will you be getting it done professionally?

This will determine the level of difficulty you want for your hairstyle, and it’ll make it a little easier to pick any hairstyle you want if you’re getting it done professionally. Though, it can come with a hefty price tag.

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair:

Below you’ll find a few hairstyles that you can don for prom even if you have short hair. It can be fun or elegant. It all really depends on your style and preference.

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Go With a Gentle Wave:


When you have short hair, you may want to stick with something a little simple. This prom hairstyle you can even do yourself. Just take your hair and put in a little wave. It goes with virtually any hair color, and with highlights or color streaks you’ll find you can turn elegant into fun.

Go With Something Fun:


If you’re more of a fun type girl, you’ll find that this hairstyle for short hair is great for prom. It’ll take a lot of hairspray and time, but with some strategic planning it can be pulled off. Having a hairstylist is recommended if you want it to stay for a long time.

Pull It Back:


Even short hair can look good when you pull it back, and this is a great way to do it. With a little bit of hair spray and a beautiful comb, you can match your dress and rock your prom with little to no effort at all.

Straight & Elegant:


Straight and elegant is the way to go for most people with short hair. In the picture above, you’ll see that it is extremely simple. It looks best for darker hair, but really it’ll go with any natural hair color. Putting a hairpiece in it is a great way to make this hairstyle shine for prom or any occasion.

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Long hair is a little easier to manipulate, and that leaves many prom hairstyle options. Every prom hairstyle is a little better so long as you have an accessory, but with long hair you can manipulate it to look as elegant or whimsical as you want it to.

prom hairstyles for long hair 6 prom hairstyles for long hair Prom-Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair-Cute-Curly-Hairstyle prom hairstyles for long hair 1 prom hairstyles for long hair 4 prom hairstyles for long hair 5

Pulled Back & Decked Out:

Porm Hair style And Wedding Hairstyles With Bridal Haircut

You’ll find many different hairstyles for your prom that look extremely similar, but you can pull your hair back and decorate it however you want. Floral designs are incredibly popular. White is a great match, but many people will substitute it for a color that goes with their particular dress. This look will look completely pulled back from the front, which can seem elegant if done properly.

Up & Bedazzled:


If you have extremely long hair, this is the prom hairstyle for you. There is jewels in this hairstyle, and they can be applied in a variety of ways. This is a hairstyle that will need a professional touch, especially if you want the flower like layer at the top.

Completely Up & Long:


Many people think that they can’t get a hairstyle that is completely up if they have excessively long hair, but this just isn’t true. As seen in the picture above, you’ll find that with a little bit of braiding you can have a beautiful hairstyle that leaves your hair up and framing your face, even for long hair.

Floral & Whimsy:


This beautiful hairstyle will need a floral touch, and you can weave in real or fake flowers. It is completely up to you. However, with a bit of time or a professional hairstylist, you’ll find that even this whimsical prom hairstyle is ready for anyone who has long hair. It’s perfect for anyone who can’t decide between wanting their hair up and down, and even flat hair can take on this beautiful but light weight with a bit of teasing.

Vintage & Smooth:


This vintage look is also popular for prom, and you don’t need a professional hairstylist to do it. All you need a little time and a flat iron. A curling iron will also be pretty helpful. It’s recommended that you use hairspray to keep it smooth, and many people will add a little touch of their own to make it perfect for prom.

Simply Up:


This hairstyle is elegant all on its own, and it really doesn’t need anything to be added at all. You’ll find that it can e the perfect hairdo for any occasion, especially your prom night. It’s easy to do, making it a prom night favorite for many. It also leaves just enough room for perfect personalization.

Prom Hairstyles for Colored Hair:

Colored hair can also look beautiful for prom night, and it really all depends on what you want from it. You can do just about any hairstyle no matter what your hair color is, but you’ll find that there are some prom hairstyles that are a little better.

Braided & Colorful:


Colored hair always looks especially nice when it’s put into a braid, but that’s because you can see if it’s not completely solid. It’ll look nice on solidly colored hair as well, but just not as nice.

Going Sleek:


With colored hair, you may want to show off the depth of the color, especially for prom. You’ll find that this is a great way to show off your colored hair on prom night. This is a better hairstyle for short hair, but when done with long hair it gives a vintage look.

Let It Run Wild:


A wild look for a wild color is usually even better. It’ll make the perfect statement for many prom night, and it looks best with dark and rich colors, such as purple. You’ll find that this is a simple and elegant way to wear colored hair to your prom night.

Add a Hairpiece:


Adding a hairpiece to your colored hair, especially during your prom night, will help you to add a whimsical look. It goes great with that whimsical dress, and it’s great for any fantasy child or wild child. It’ll boil down to what hairpiece you add, but it should show off your style and individuality.

Some Final Thoughts:

Always give yourself enough time to do your hair or have it done for prom night, since it’ll help you to get it just the way you want it. It all depends on what you want, and you should never compromise with your hairstyle. Your hairstyle can make or break your prom night, and the accessories you put in it can speak volumes for your sense of style and elegance.

Your hairpiece can be homemade or it can be store bought. It doesn’t matter, and you just need to decide exactly what you want. The questions above are a great way to go, and any hairstyle can be altered to match exactly what you want out of it. If you want it to be a little more curly, then all you need to do is make it a little more curly.

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