Hottest 2016 Beauty And Fitness Trends

Every year there are things that at the very beginning look very new, or, at the first glance, not adapted to an ordinary person. Some of them are quickly forgotten while others become trends many people tend to follow. And really – how many of us a decade ago would believe that sometime in the future many of us will enjoy cocktails from spinach, banana and almond milk? And now – we do!

Today we are introducing some hot trends associated with beauty, physical and mental health which are surely going to get more popular in the year 2016, and which you can follow to in order to look and feel better! Of course, it is also advisable not to lose your sense of style in these trends and always get the best out of it to incorporate into your daily routine.


Massage rollers and sliding discs

Exercise/massage rollers which many call simply “Foam roller” were previously used by professional athletes, but for some time now they are getting pretty popular among other athletes and ordinary people. We can thank for that the fitness goddess Kayla Itsino, who created a bright pink roller and told the world how it can be used in different ways.

Massage rollers are suitable for both after a hard workout, and long day at work sitting in front of the computer. It relaxes the body, improves blood circulation and helps recover muscles faster, and this result is achieved faster than just doing stretching exercises. With these rollers – there is no muscle, which can’t be easily stretched. Moreover, the roller massage deep enough too.

The rotating disc for the stomach train used to be almost at every home. Now it is time to exercise with trendy sliding discs instead. Usually, they are called “gliders” and they work as a slippery object which makes your keep you balance and exercises your muscles too.



Do you remember then more than three years age, Kim Kardashian announced and put a photo in her Instagram account where she was painted with something that looked like a tribal painting than makeup? At that time, it seemed strange. Now, one of two women has their cosmetic bags full of several colored masking products, powders, pencils or bronzers. Or simply a set of specialized contouring products, which are easy to find and buy too (for instance, you can easily find them at Amazon, and buy them a few times cheaper with some discount codes ).

We already know that darker colors work best for the places that we want to look visually smaller. Say, jaw, cheeks hollow, the edges of the nose, hairline, etc. While bright and lighter makeup is usually put under your eyes, cheeks or nose and chin to highlight them. All these products are designed to be creamy, quickly distributed, allowing girls to do every day professional make-up at home without any problem.



Meditation has become as popular as yoga and Pilates, which gives a similar effect – it relaxes the body and mind. Nowadays, then many people have very stressful times, and their day’s pace is very quick as well, it is natural that people are looking for all new ways how to relax.

Knowing that, large corporations or companies, such as Google or BBC, have hired their staff meditation teachers. There are also many apps you can download which can help you to meditate easier and faster too. For example, one of such apps – “Headspace” was downloaded a million times. Sports clubs are also beginning to host meditation sessions because people are naturally willing to pay for it. Overall, researchers agree that meditation promotes productivity, and indeed helps people with depression.


Goodbye mascara

If you are an observant fashion fan, you might have noticed that in recent years models on runways are not wearing any mascara at all. And the reason here is pretty simple – just ask your makeup artist! Mascara is getting too boring, and well, too expected as well.

This is surely some good news for girls who were not wearing any mascara until now, and for girls who were looking forwards for the time when they can show off their natural eyelashes. Indeed – more and more designers and even style icons are choosing going naked and without any mascara whatsoever. But if you are the girl who can’t imagine leaving her house without just one stroke of black mascara – there are some options how to stay stylish and keep up with this trend. One way is to follow the blue shadows trend we are going to talk about bellow, or you can go with false lashes effect, which needs to be very delicate in order not to look cheap and like a fake doll.


Advanced food pyramid

Vegetables and fruits are at the bottom of the food pyramid, and they are the most valued foods. In some pyramids, it is advised to eat 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruit per day while other pyramids recommend eating seven servings per day of these greens. However, you cannot put the equality sign between these two products – vegetables and fruits -, and eat them in similar quantities. If you do that, you are simply misinterpreting the pyramid.

At first, fruits have more calories than vegetables no matter what kind of fruits it is and that is a fact. In addition, they have a lot of sugar, so basically fruits are just a healthier alternative to sweets. And sweets, as we know it, should be eaten carefully and pretty rare too. In fact, it is advised to eat fruits in the first half of the day, because they are doing quite a different effect on the body than vegetables. Moreover, the morning is the best time of the day to eat food with more calories, because your body is starved for that after long hours of the night and in the morning body tend to absorb nutrition better as well.


Blue shadows

Although many of us consider blue shadows as an ancient fashion trend which was popular in the 80s or 90s, many fashion designers are confirming the fact that fashion goes in circles. Therefore, the latest fashion shows were full of models with bright blue shadows!

But of course, every time such bright statement pieces pops up in a major way, the first question for many women and girls is how to wear it. Well, pretty simply, actually! Do it whatever you like and care and you will always be trendy. You can either go with smokey eye effect with navy blue eyeshadows, or can do bold with a healthy life of blue shadows across your lids and feel the center of attention for a bit. It all depends on how much you want that attention and, to be honest, what color of eyes do you have too. Different blue shades work differently for different eye colors, so at first, you need to check out how to correctly match these two elements.



Talking about the most frequent trend in hairstyling, braids are still going strong. It has been popular for a few seasons already, but many designers are still sending their models with perfectly braided hair, so there is no need to hide your hair styling guides deep in your drawers as well.

Braids’ styles also vary a lot. It can be a few loose braids in your naturally flow hair, or you can do the whole head of it as well. However, you should be very careful with such braids and the way you are making it last because there can be a thin line between being trendy and between looking childish. Yes, fashion world right now is crazy about thigh and streamlined braids, but that doesn’t mean that your hair has to look the same as you used to wear then you were little. Of course, the head full of small braids is also considered neither stylish nor trendy – a few, preferably hidden braids are the best option if you want to look stylish and just after the runway show.


Wearable technology

The last trend we are going to talk about is the wearable technology you can use while doing sports. If you are wearing something like it, you are trending! Such gadgets like fitness trackers, smart watches, heart-rate monitors and GPS are becoming more and more popular these days, and it is getting hard to see a runner without one of these gadgets today too.

Apart from the fact, that this trend started just a year ago, some industry specialists have predicted that such wearable technology trend will approach $6 billion dollars in the market by 2016. So it is safe to say, that this trend is getting more and more popular. Moreover, other wearable technologies also include smart glasses (like the ones that Google made), which are predicted to reach $1.5 billion in sales. And even some smart fabrics and interactive textiles you can literally wear as well are going strong in a market too! It is also predicted to reach around $2.6 billion by 2017, according to other studies.  So if you want to be trendy – suit up the technology and hit the gym!

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