20 of the Most Adorable Pick Up Lines to Snag Any Girl

Despite what you may have experienced or heard in the past, there is an art to crafting the perfect pick-up line. While those that are overly sexual or brash may come across as downright creepy, a charming pick-up line has the potential to snag you a chance with your dream girl.

We compiled the twenty cutest pick-up lines that will bring a smile to the face of any girl that’s worth pursuing. Combined with your good looks and charming delivery, these lines are sure to garner her interest.

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“I should major in Photography because I can picture us together.”

Not only is it simply adorable, this pick-up line is a great way to avoid mentioning that you’re on the (at least) five-year college plan and still have no idea what you want to do with your life!

“Allow me to tie your shoes. I don’t want to risk you falling for someone else.”

Hey, Prince Charming wooed Cinderella by fitting a glass slipper onto her foot. Tying the laces on your dream girl’s Chuck Taylors is pretty much a modern version of the same idea, right?

“Excuse me, I think you dropped something: MY JAW!”

It can be awkward to approach a random cutie in public, but a nerdy pick-up line like this can break the ice and show her what a sweetie you are.

“Do you have a map? I believe I just got lost in your eyes.”

If your dream girl has mesmerizing eyes, this classic pick-up line keeps the focus on her best feature.

“How weird: I can’t taste my lips all of a sudden! Can you do it for me?

Okay, we realize that this one could come across as majorly creepy in some circumstances, so we encourage you to use it with caution. While it could make a stranger run from you as fast as her legs could carry her, this is the perfect line to use in a “just friends” scenario when you would like to take it to the next level.

“You look like you’re suffering from a severe lack of Vitamin Me.”

What at first sounds like an insult about her appearance or health quickly becomes a cheesy but cute way to spark any girl’s interest, especially if she has a killer sense of humor.

“On a scale from 1 to America, how free are you tonight?”

Sure, a cynical chick may find a way to twist this one around and make it negative, but most girls will swoon for your freedom-inspired pick-up line.

“If you were words on a page, you’d be what they call ‘fine print.’”

We think this line is especially sexy when murmured into someone’s ear in a hushed library or a silent study room.

“You must be a baker because you have some hot buns!”

While it may be a turn-off to some, any girl who’s been working out all summer just to slip into that skimpy bikini will undoubtedly be flattered by this line.

“I know what you should be for Halloween! Mine.”

Just don’t use this one at Valentine’s Day or Christmas, or you’re bound to come off as a little strange.

“Kiss me if I’m wrong, but the Earth is flat, right?”

Not only is this a sweet way to initiate a kiss, it’s also a great method for assessing your potential girlfriend’s intelligence. Take our advice: If she agrees with you that the Earth is flat, you should probably run and find someone with more brain cells.

“Are you a parking ticket? You have ‘FINE’ written all over you!”

A cop may get fired for slinging this pick-up line at a girl he’s pulling over, but it’s a perfectly good one for anyone else to use!

“If I were blind, I would still know you’re beautiful.”

By making her feel appreciated and respected for her inner beauty as much as you compliment her physical appearance, you can show your dream girl that you’re different from other guys.

“Your name must be Google. You have everything I’m searching for!”

As Sheldon Cooper would say to this geeky but adorable line, “Bazinga!”

“My zombie plan has been rewritten to include you.”

These days, it seems like everyone is obsessed with zombie games, movies, TV shows, etc. What a perfect lead-in to use with a fellow The Walking Dead enthusiast.

“If I had a dollar for every person I saw as beautiful as you, I would have exactly one dollar.”

Okay, everyone say it in unison: “AWWWW!”

“There are 21 letters in the alphabet, right? Oh, wait. I think I missed: U, R, A, Q, T.”

This sweet little line allows you to show off your intelligent wit.

“Your chromosomes have combined beautifully.”

Science nerds unite! While it might come off as being a little weird when taken out of context, this line is the ideal way to pick up a lab partner or any chic science geek!

“If you were a vegetable, you’d be a CUTEcumber!”

How could the adorable hippie chick you spot at the local farmer’s market possibly resist such a “vegged out” come-on?

“I was studying the book of Numbers, when I suddenly realized that I don’t have yours.”

We bet you never thought the Bible could serve as inspiration for a pick-up line. If you’re trying to catch the attention of the little lady sitting in the pew in front of you at church, elicit the help of this holy statement.

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