16 Signs You Are Ready For a New Relationship

Very often, unsuccessful relationships can lower our self-esteem and make many of us think that we’ll never find the right person. Yes, breakups are painful and it takes quite a while to move on, especially if you really loved that person. But time always proves to be a great healer and gradually you start thinking about getting back into the dating scene.

There isn’t a universal “recovery” period after which you can start looking for love again. According to the psychologists, you should neither stay single for too long nor plunge into a new relationship too soon. If you think that a new man in your life will help you forget your ex, you’re very wrong. You will not be able to build a healthy relationship if you keep carrying the burden of your past one. So, when is it the right time to move to another relationship?


  1. You are over your ex.
    Shortly after your breakup you couldn’t stop thinking about him and were overwhelmed with emotions. But now you’ve totally forgiven him and even feel thankful for some good moments you shared together. This is the most obvious sign that you moved on. If you left the past in the past, you can think about your future and mentally prepare yourself for a new romantic experience.
  2. You believe in love.
    Once you’ve got rid of negative thoughts related to your past relationship(s), the idea of meeting the right person will not seem so implausible. Some people get skeptical about romance, relationships, and happy life when their own relationships fail. If romantic couples don’t get on your nerves anymore and you believe that one day you’ll walk hand in hand with the best guy in the world, you’re ready to make a new start.
  3. You know what you want.
    If you used your post-breakup time wisely, you spent it analyzing your relationship. As a result, you have a clear idea of the kind of man you want to come into your life. You have refreshed the list of requirements for your potential partner and once you spot a compatible candidate, you will not hesitate. Also, hours of self-analysis let you figure out your mistakes which you will not repeat building your new relationship.
  4. You’re not afraid of being single.
    It’s a good sign if you don’t see anything shameful or depressing in being out of a relationship and don’t feel incomplete without a man. Some women can’t stay single for too long that’s why they start looking for a new partner right after a breakup. They do it just to be in a relationship with someone and not to be alone. This is the worst reason for starting a relationship.
  5. You want rather than need.
    There is a small easy test that can indicate your readiness for a relationship. It depends on how you formulate your wish to be in a relationship. If you say ‘I want a relationship’, it’s your conscious choice to let a person into your life and live on equal terms. But if you say ‘I need a relationship’, you are not ready for an equal partnership because you’re looking for the one who will satisfy your need and become your savior rather than an independent partner.
  6. You love your own self.
    You’ve regained confidence and now you believe in yourself again. You want to improve not for others but just because you feel like it. That’s why you joined the gym or started to take yoga classes. If a woman has decided that she needs to change, those changes will always be for the better. They say when you change, you start attracting new people into your life.
  7. You lowered your expectations.
    Most women tend to create the images of their ideal partners. Actually, it’s not harmful to set certain standards and know your own worth. But if your expectations are more like fantasy than reality, you can spend years waiting for your prince and all in vain. There is nothing ideal in this world, all people have their merits and flaws, and if you’re ready for a relationship, you don’t expect and require too much from your potential partner because you realize that he doesn’t have to and will not be flawless.
  8. You picture your future.
    Your life is moving on if you think about your future and don’t indulge in reminiscences. At first, it’s even necessary to think about your past relationship and analyze it thoroughly. But once you’ve drawn conclusions from your mistakes, let your past go and focus on the present and future. They say if you think over your future and picture it in vivid colors, you program yourself for that bright future.
  9. You have time for yourself.
    Since you feel absolutely comfortable being single, you can focus on your interests and do what you like. One day you realize that you’re free to do what makes you happy and you have enough for it. Being in a relationship, we often forget about our hobbies and dedicate our time to our partners. Now that you’re temporarily single you can turn it to your advantage and spend your time doing your favorite things.
  10. You’re open to new experiences.
    A good sign is that you want to try your hand at something new. Usually, when a woman makes up her mind to start a new life, she gets a new haircut or dyes her hair in a new color. Many women decide to change their routine and do something they have never done before. If you think that it’s time to learn a foreign language or take dance classes, you welcome changes and open your soul for new emotions and feelings.
  11. You surrounded yourself with your friends.
    It’s very important to surround yourself with people who are always by your side. You need them to feel loved and important. Use your time out of a relationship to hang out with your friends and spend more time with your nearest and dearest. Being around those people whom you can trust will help you regain confidence, believe in yourself, and start trusting other people. Before you can enter into a new romantic relationship, make sure you have some important people in your life who wish only the best for you and will support you through thick and thin.
  12. You’re ready for new acquaintances.
    If the idea of meeting new people of the opposite sex doesn’t seem scary anymore, you’ve psychologically recovered from your unsuccessful past relationship. You’re interested in your male colleagues and in men around you and you wouldn’t mind if someone asked you out. This is not to say that you’re fed up with being single and wait until some guy makes the first move. It means that you will not make up lame excuses if a nice guy asks you out on a date because now you’re interested in new acquaintances again.
  13. You don’t search for love.
    Yes, you’re open for love but you don’t crave for it. They say if you’re ready for love, you stop pursuing it. It’s like you switch off your magnet so that the other person can attract you. Life proves that when we focus on ourselves, we become extremely interesting for other people. Very often the moment we stop thinking about love, it suddenly appears in our life.
  14. You can make time for dating.
    Another sign that you’re ready for love is that you have a gap in your schedule and it’s waiting to be filled in with romantic dates. It’s too early for you to start a new relationship if you have a lot of other things to do. If your time is distributed between your job, hobby, family, and friends, and there isn’t a spare hour for anything else, there is no point in starting a relationship. But if you realize that your schedule has become not so tight, it’s time to include a date in it.
  15. You want to share.
    You want to find a romantic partner not because being alone makes you feel uncomfortable but because you believe that sharing your free time with an interesting person will definitely benefit you. New people mean new experiences and you feel you’re ready to meet somebody new.
  16. You’re not afraid to take a risk.
    Once bitten twice shy – if this adage can’t be applied to you anymore, you’re ready to be happy. Falling in love can be tricky. But if you’re aware of all the pitfalls and risks that await you and despite the uncertainty, you want to get back in the game, go ahead. When you start dating a person you can’t be sure that this will grow into something serious. It’s always fifty-fifty. There are a lot of things you can’t control – love, affection, and connection usually strike you unexpectedly. What is required from you is your decision to try no matter what.


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