13 Part-Time Jobs for Students you’ve probably not considered

Are you looking for a job to help pay your college fees, but you don’t want to commit to working full-time just to make a small amount of money. Many people often think that part-time jobs don’t exist. But that’s not true. Although you need to be strategic to find part-time jobs that are appealing to you, it’s something doable.

In this post, we will highlight a few high-paying jobs for students and most are part-time or have flexible hours.

  1. Pet sitter/dog walker

If you are an animal lover, then this might be your ideal part-time job. Your job will be hanging out with adorable dogs. The hours for this particular job are flexible and mainly depend on when your client goes away. In addition, aside from house/dog-sitting for the weekend, you still have the chance to do your homework

  1. Tutor

When looking for part-time jobs, you are likely to come across tutoring jobs. This is an excellent part-time job to employ the skills you have learned in college. If you will be tutoring younger kids, you will know that your hours will be after school lets out or during weekends. For college students, it depends on your classes

  1. Library assistant

Having a job at the university can help you to make some connections that you may not have made. Working in the library not only gets you connections and a salary, but also gives you access to resources and study materials in your downtime.

  1. Transcription

Transcription is not only a job that is easy to work around your class schedule but also easy to do. Your job as a transcriber is to listen to audio recordings and write what has been said.

Although this work can be a bit tedious, it pays well and it’s a good idea to have a flexible job. In addition, you can earn more when you specialize in legal or marijuana transcribing

  1. Casino dealer

Although this may seem low to many students, casino etiquette states you should tip the dealer 10% of your net winnings. Even if you don’t win, you should tip based on the service. Therefore, if your service is great and people are winning at your table, you are going to make a good amount of money. Online casinos also offer allot of part time jobs opportunities. Where you can work online whenever is suitable for you.

  1. Bartender

This is another great part-time job where you can earn a good amount of money, especially when you are looking part-time jobs for weekends. If you will be bartending in your college town, chances are that things are going to be busier on weekends. Although this means it will be hectic, you will be able to make a good amount of money.

  1. Freelance writer

This is one of the most common part-time jobs for students. Working as a freelance writer gives you the freedom to work part-time and choose the frequency of assignments. It is also an opportunity for you to write about anything you can think of and get experience for a future writing career

  1. Resume writer

There are many people looking for help with writing their resume. You can actually get resume writing tasks from companies that contract out resume writers or you could ask around for people who will be graduating soon. They could use some help.

  1. Nanny

Many families are looking for reliable childcare when they have to take care of other things. If you were a baby-sitter when you were a teen or have a CPR certificate, you are likely to be hired as a nanny

  1. Hotel desk clerk

This job requires a certain type of personality, but it can be rewarding for those who do. It is an amazing way of meeting new people and can even lead to future full-time career in the field of hospitality.

  1. Freelance photographer

If you have a nice camera and some shooting experience, you can become a freelance photographer. This is a great way of being creative and making money on it.

  1. Massage therapist

To operate as a massage therapist, you only need a license, and not a degree. Like other part-time jobs, this one doesn’t have a set of hours. This can be an amazing experience especially when you are planning to become a physical therapist or nurse

  1. Uber driver

If you have a good car and a smartphone, then Uber is a great business for getting into. Of course you must be 21 but it’s a fun part-time job. You can actually make some good money driving people home after drinking.

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