10 Top Hydroquinone Creams with Positive Reviews

So many women enjoy going to the beach and spending that healthy time outdoors. Yet, many of them end up with darker or discolored skin due to excessive melanin coloration. You can reverse this process by finding the best hydroquinone cream available on the market.

Hydroquinone is a substance which produces a chemical reversible depigmentation process by suppressing other melanocyte productions. Simply put, you can cancel the anesthetic effects of sunlight exposure just by using a cream. Hydroquinone 4 creams gradually bleach hyperpigmented skin and reduces freckles, senile lentigines and other conditions. We have developed a list of the products out of which at least one can qualify as your next best hydroquinone cream. Our choice was based on client reviews after at least a few uses. Make sure to carefully read all the specs mentioned below!

The Best Hydroquinone Cream Options You Can Buy Anywhere

10. Dark Spot Lightening Cream by Emma Cardinelli Skin Care

We begin the countdown with a product that includes a 2% share of hydroquinone. According to beauty websites such as BeautyEssential this cream is one of the best on the market. This is due to the balanced content of hydroquinone and the additional vitamin E and licorice extract. The cream fades hyperpigmentation, dark spots and freckles. The complexion is brightened and naturally radiant, manufacturers claim.

  • You can use it for your face, neck and chest.
  • It is also suitable for sensitive and private skin areas.

9. Ultra-Potent Brightening Serum by Admire My Skin

This over-the-counter product can be the best hydroquinone cream thanks to its powerful mix of active ingredients. Kojic Acid, vitamin C and azelaic acid nourish your skin and protects it from sun rays while using it. The product fights acne and blemishes.

  • The serum is intense, so carefully consider the amount you apply on your skin.
  • Your skin will darken for a few days after use. This is just the effect of the cream being active.

8. Iluma Intense Bleaching Serum by Image Skincare

Skin pigmentary conditions may seem impossible to solve if you’re on a tight budget. The Iluma bleaching serum is intense and yet affordable. The product helps you reduce skin irritation and redness. On the ingredients list you can find other natural skin bleaching agents such as citric acid and licorice root extract.

  • This cream contains glycolic acid, which makes it unsuitable for sensitive skin.
  • If your skin tends to get dry, you should use lesser amounts of this product.
  • Always mix with sunscreen products if you’re on vacation.

7. Skin Brightening Cream by Pari

The product that Pari developed is outstanding as it also fights acne scars and age spots. The cream works as an anti-aging product which also renews the skin layers. Its active agents also remove fine lines and gives the skin a youthful glow.

  • According to manufacturers, the skin’s effects are visible within 3 weeks of continuous use.
  • The cream suits all tones and types of complexion.
  • It also works for pregnancy stretch marks, blotchy skin and liver spot.

6. Melloderm-HQ by A-P-O-T-E-K-A

This is one of the products which clearly specify their FDA approval as treatments for melasma hyperpigmentation. It contains 2% hydroquinone. Other said, this could be the best hydroquinone cream for women if used as a treatment against sunburn and other conditions. Many customers agree on its visible effects.

  • You should only apply it once at night every day.
  • It may lead to hypersensitivity due to sunburn or depilatory use.

5. Dual Action Skin Lightener by Alpha Skin Care

Many women look to regain an even skin tone and texture and they might obtain them with this cream. The skin lightener nourishes skin cells by using a balanced 2% content of hydroquinone. It might contain a few chemicals, but the cream is paraben-free.

  • The cream has a pH level of 3.5 which makes it suitable for all skin types.
  • Apply a thin layer on the affected areas twice daily or as your doctor prescribes.
  • Don’t use this product longer than for 3 months.
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4. Whitening Serum by Porcelain Skin

Hydroquinone serums are easy to apply and versatile when it comes to skin types and tones. This professional formula also is FDA approved and works for brown patches or skin discoloration issues. There were rare reports on side effects and the amount of hydroquinone is balanced.

  • Spots are less visible after 6 weeks of use.
  • The serum contains 97% natural ingredients.
  • It’s also fragrance, paraben, phthalates and sulfates-free.

3. Spot Light Targeted Skin Lightener by Alpha Hydrox

This skin lightener is intense due to its high concentration of substances – 2% hydroquinone and 10% glycolic acid. This means that the hydroquinone is absorbed faster. The cream also has vitamin E to hydrate your skin. Your skin will naturally produce more collagen to fight spots and discoloration.

  • This potent product increases the production of oil so it’s not suitable for oily skin. Also, you shouldn’t use it if you have a very sensitive complexion.
  • The cream contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which increases skin’s sensitivity. Always use sun protection if exposed while you’re on this treatment.

2. Anti-Aging Dark Spot Corrector by MD Complete

This is a gentle product which might qualify as the best hydroquinone cream. It nourishes your skin during summer and winter due to its natural skin lighteners. The product also has active ingredients such as black raspberry seed oil and borage oil. The skin won’t dry or flake during and after use.

  • The creams with a small bottle of vitamin C retinol booster that you can use for faster results.
  • You should apply the cream once every two days during the first week. Then, increase to once per day. Increase usage to twice daily during the third and final week of use.

1. Skin Bleaching Cream by Divine Derriere

The best hydroquinone cream for women according to online customers is a mix between active substances and natural agents. The product contains glycolic and lactic acid, together with vitamin E, niacinamide and licorice extract. These together even skin tones and diminish discoloration.

  • Use for 4 weeks to notice that dark spots fade.
  • The cream can also be used on intimate areas, elbows, knees and more.
  • The ingredients help removing oil, dirt and impurities from skin layers.

To the Best Hydroquinone Cream for Women

The above list has been compiled for women with skin coloration issues due to sunburn, aging or other factors. Please take note that the maximum concentration of hydroquinone in creams is 4% as marked by the FDA. Creams with higher concentrations are considered unsafe if not prescribed by your doctor.

Find the best hydroquinone cream for your skin condition and preferences then enjoy a light and even skin complexion!

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