10 Tips: How To Impress A Girl

1 Be Natural

If there is one thing that will put a girl off a bloke fast, it is when the guy feels he can’t be himself and needs to be someone better in order to impress her. Often a guy’s interpretation of “better” isn’t entirely on the mark anyway, so he only end up coming across as an idiot. All a girl wants is a guy she can trust though at the end of the day, and a guy who is honest and true to himself. So don’t try to be someone you not – take the natural approach and learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

2 Be Inquisitive

Nobody wants to be around a guy who brags about himself constantly. Even if you happen to be the only subject you feel confident talking about, don’t make the mistake of making it all about you. You will bore the poor girl to death eventually. A much better approach to impressing a girl is to be inquisitive, and show more interest in who she is and what she likes. If you focus on asking her questions about all of the things she is into she will be impressed that you value her as a person.

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3 Take a Pride in your Appearance

Never underestimate the importance of looking good. Think about how much time a girl will spend trying to look good for a date. Women go to crazy lengths to improve their appearances sometimes, in fact most men have no idea just what girls take into consideration when it come to taking care of their appearance. I’m not saying that all girls expect a man to put the same effort in as them, but there are certain things they will notice. Like, for instance, if your nails are clean and properly trimmed, or if you have washed your hair. As you can see, taking a pride in your appearance doesn’t mean your have to have manicures or use styling products to slick your hair back or over to one side! You don’t need expensive clothes either, but a well-put-together outfit makes all the difference.

4 Be Strong

Being strong has nothing to do with being physically strong, having muscles or being able to win in a fight. If you really want to impress a girl then show her that you have strength in more important areas of life – Be strong in what you believe in – Have goals and be determined and motivated to achieve them – Take a pride in everything that you do and show strength of character. A girl will admire you if you take yourself seriously and have ambitions, no matter how small or insignificant you might think they are, because it shows that you are consistent, which is a desirable trait in a man.

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5 Show Her Your Creative Side

All women love it when they meet a guy who shows he has a creative side. Why? Because it suggests that the guy is sensitive and has a soul. Women fall in love with musicians, singers in boy bands, artists… You don’t have to have a great artistic talent to show your creative side though. Express creativity in the way you date a girl! Think outside the box, and do things a little differently. As soon as you do, the girl will be inspired by you, and want to spend even more time around you!

6 Be Spontaneous

Remember those cheesy pick up lines you threw at her in the beginning. Although a little over-the-top, this simple act of spontaneity made you a little harder to decipher. Never let things get too predictable with a girl. The moment that happens and she recognizes it, is the moment she will start accusing you of taking her for granted. Adding some spontaneity to the mix will impress her because it shows you have imaginations, which is exciting, and that you care and want to have fun with her.

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7 Make Her Feel Special

Making a girl feel special isn’t just about the spontaneity or grand gestures though. More importantly, it is about the little things. These are the small details that most men overlook because they don’t realize the significance of them. For instance, knowing a girl’s favourite flavor ice-cream – it shows you pay attention! And letting her wear your jumper when she feels cold – it shows you want to look after her.

8 Be Kind and Show Compassion

One of the main things women fall out with men over is their seeming lack of consideration. Guys think differently to girls and the details don’t always seem important to a guy. If you can take the time to try and empathize with a girl when she is feeling sad or upset with you, you will avoid an argument because you will have shown her that her feeling matter – whether they are rational or not. I am not saying that you have to let a girl get away with behaving badly, but if you show some compassion and understanding, and allow her to calm down instead of escalating the issue, so that she can get back into a rational state, she will then be impressed with your patience, and often take responsibility when she is in the wrong.

9 Get Along With Her Friends

Girls love it when you make the effort to get to know their friends. They love it even more if you can make them all laugh, and fit in! Get along with her friends and she will be impressed that you care enough about her to want to be involved in all areas of her life.

10 Get Her Family To Like You

And this is the deal-breaker. If you can get her family to like you, you will score ten. Every girl wants to meet a guy she can introduce to her family and not worry that they are going to hate him. How do you do it? Be yourself, be involved, be honest, show lots of interest, and show respect!

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